Student Residences now have Single Stream Recycling

All student residence Recycling in BLUE containers; say goodbye to sorting!

Effective August 2014, paper, bottles, cans and cardboard recycling can be placed in the same recycling bins. St. Lawrence University has elected to transition all student residences to this method, called "single-stream recycling." The goal of the program is to increase the recycling rate by making recycling easier and hassle free through the collection of common recyclables in a single bin.

To reflect the changes in the recycling program, each student room has been equipped with a blue recycling can along with your regular black trash can with bag. The blue recycling can is for all recyclable material*, it is not for trash. All items in your blue recycling container are taken to the recycling center and all recyclable materials go into the blue recycling wheelie, please no trash in the blue wheelie. Please help us by keeping recyclable materials only in the blue wheelies and trash only in the other wheelies as indicated by the label above each.

Please help us make our recycling program a success. We appreciate your support and hope these changes make it easier for everyone to join in our campus recycling efforts.

Facilities Operations Recycling Team
Questions: 229-5601 OR

*Compact fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, ink/toner and electronic waste are all recyclable but NOT in the blue wheelie. These must be put in their own containers (found in recycling rooms), please talk to your custodian for recycling of all electronic waste.

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