Organizations and Departments with a Focus on the Environment

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    Conservation Biology has as its central tenet the protection of the world’s biodiversity. Biodiversity, the sum total of all living things, represents the immense variation and richness found in the natural world.

  • EAO is a student led organization that strives to create a more environmentally friendly campus. Be a part of the student voice in the environmental community, in the North Country and around the world.  » read more

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    The Environmental Studies Department gives students a broad understanding of the complex nature of environmental problems. The aim is to provide specific knowledge of the relationship between traditional disciplines and environmental studies. The program also hopes to foster an integrated and coherent approach for environmental problem solving.

  • The Green House (Low Impact Living Theme Cottage) seeks to create a comfortable living space for ecologically-minded and environmentally-conscious individuals on campus. We strive to be a leader in environmental activism at St. Lawrence. » read more

  • Lettuce Turnip the Beet-SLU's Food Justice Club is a community of conscious minded students that are working toward bringing justice to all things food at St. Lawrence University. The club strives for a happy, healthy food environment at SLU!

    The Club's goal is to increase awareness about food justice, why it is important, and how it can be accomplished. Whether it is through educating students about healthy alternatives, helping SLU reach out to the local farming community, or increasing meal plan options for students, FJC wants to bring action and awareness to the campus.

    Check out the blog at to see what FJC is up to right now. 


  • » read moreThe Outdoor Studies Program has three divisions: the Outdoor Studies Minor, the Outdoor Program, and the Adirondack Semester. The Program aims to develop students’ appreciation for nature and the human place in it.
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    The Seed to Table garden began in the fall of 2010 as an initiative to start a student run garden on the St. Lawrence campus. Since then, our group has grown in size and has seen the first year of a successful growing season. We received a grant from the Mellon Committee to start the garden in the spring of 2011.

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    The Campus Committee on Sustainability and Climate Neutrality will consider means to move the University toward environmental sustainability and review the University's progress toward this goal and the goal of climate neutrality. Specifically the committee will review and approve revisions to the Climate Action Plan (CAP) and successive Work Plans for the implementation of the CAP.