Green Guide

SLU Green Guide: What You Can Do to Help the Environment

Introduction:  This Green Guide is intended to help SLU students live a greener lifestyle in a dorm room setting. St. Lawrence University is taking major steps to become a more sustainable campus, and it is time for the students to do their part.

The green guide is student written with the intentions of promoting simple lifestyle changes that will help the environment here at SLU, and also the greater world as people graduate.

Download the Green Guide (PDF) or  Download a PDF of the Dorm Audit


Energy Conservation

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    Turn your computer off when you’re not using it, especially at night.

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    If your room has a thermostat in it, please make sure you shut your windows on cold days when you leave your room.

  • Another good thing about letting natural light into your room is that it can help raise the temperature of your room several degrees on those cold North Country days!

Sustainable Transportation

Recycling and Waste

Water Conservation

  • Do not leave the water running while brushing your teeth. If you just use water to rinse, you could end up saving over four gallons of water per day.

  • Report all leaky faucets and toilets to your C.A. A dripping faucet can waste about 20 gallons of water per day, toilets up to 200 gallons per day!

  • Time yourself in the shower and try to reduce your regular time by at least one minute. A five minute shower can use about 35 gallons of water! Try to take cooler showers too; hot water takes up more energy.

Yummmm, Food

  • Use your own mug or Nalgene and get discounts on both hot and cold drinks at the Northstar Café, and make sure to refill your water bottle at Dana instead of buying a bottled drink later.

  • Fair trade coffee options, available at the Pub, are both more economically and environmentally friendly.

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    It takes about three times the energy to produce a liter of regular milk as organic milk.