Julie Chase

Julie Chase
Chicago, IL

Like many St. Lawrence students, I chose a liberal arts college because I was unsure of the major I wished to pursue. After just three classes, I have decided to be a history major. I have always had a passion for history and I have continued to love it at St. Lawrence. The classes I have taken all focus on similar time periods, but differ geographically. It is fascinating to see different views and perspectives on similar events that were happening worldwide. Learning about these different views helps us shape our own understanding of what happened, and even relate this to events that are happening today.

I am truly excited to learn about the history of regions such as Africa and Asia and see our culture’s similarities and differences to these. I hope to go abroad next year to London and further my history education. The wonderful thing about history is that there is always something new to learn, and another angle of looking at something that you have already learned. I encourage any undecided SLU student to consider majoring in history and discovering the different perspectives on history of fellow classmates and professors.