Sam Foster

Sam Foster
Lunenburg, MA

I first realized that I had a passion for American history
while I was in high school. My course on World War One was taught by a captain
in the United States Army who had served in Iraq. From that point onward, I knew I
was destined to be a History major. There was no other subject that piqued my
curiosity more than American history.  I
am particularly interested in World War One and the Roaring Twenties. In the
course The United States Since 1877 at SLU, I had the opportunity to combine my
interests in music composition with American history, defining America through
text, images, and my original, symphonic jazz composition. In History
299: The American Revolution,
I had the opportunity to explore, research, and write a historiography on the
role of Hessians during the American Revolution. I was fascinated to learn
about the true story of Pocahontas in my Colonial
British America
class. In addition to being a History major, I am also an
active member of the Improvisation Lab Ensemble at SLU, composing and
performing my own jazz composition every semester.

In addition to course work, I am interested in entertainment
history during the 1920s, reading stories about the original silent film star,
Rin Tin Tin. I'm also interested in music during the 1920s.  I love listening to the original 1924 78 RPM
edition of George Gershwin’s "Rhapsody in Blue" on the Internet Archive, a
website containing historical recordings, films, and digitized books.  I have taken a course entitled History of 
Popular Entertainment
in the Performance and Communications Arts
department as a complement to my History courses.

 In the future, I hope to use my History major as a
jumping off point for a career in production for a television network or
internet media/content company.  I plan
on actively composing jazz and classical music as a sideline as well. The History
major will give me the skills I need to succeed in the media world.