Hiring and Selection Process

The Human Resources Office will assist you in finding the best person for the position you need in your department. This process is given priority over any other HR functions, but please keep in mind that there are numerous positions being filled simultaneously all year long.

Exempt and Non-exempt
An exempt employee is paid a semi-monthly salary and is exempt from the laws on overtime pay. A non-exempt employee is paid by the hour and IS covered by the laws regarding overtime pay. SLU has employees in both categories, and there is a different selection procedure for each.

SLU Application Form {pdf format} {Word Format}

Exempt Employees (include faculty): To view the hiring process for exempt positions (administrative and faculty) please click on step-by-step links below. If you have questions, please contact the Human Resources Office, Vilas G-1, 229-5509. 

Overview Summaries:

Checklist for Faculty Positions

Checklist for Exempt Staff Positions

Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions:

Starting the Search Process
a. Request to Search Form

Keeping Records/Clerical Responsibilities
b. Sample Acknowledgement Letters

Selecting, Interviewing & Reference Checking
c. Request to Interview Form

d. Request to Hire Form

    Additional Miscellaneous forms:

    Reasons for Non-Selection
    Candidate Refusal of Offer
    Candidate Refusal of Interview
    Sample Telephone Reference Check

      Non-exempt Employees: Selected via the hiring procedure described in the information below. If you have questions, please contact the Human Resources Office, Vilas G-2, 229-5596. Selection Process for Non-exempt Employees