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Public Reports: Education

St. Lawrence offers undergraduate and graduate programs which prepare students as teachers, counselors, and educational leaders for service in schools and community settings.  For further information about these programs, consult the Education Department website.  

Below are some principal performance measures for our teacher education and educational leadership programs.


Table 1.  Program Completers for Initial Teacher Certification by Year and Certificate Area*
Completion Year5-Year Total
Total Completers2631191412102
By Certification Area
     7-12 Biology Initial211127
     7-12 Chemistry Initial112
     7-12 Earth Science Initial22
     7-12 English Initial5733321
     7-12 French Initial2114
     7-12 German Initial11
     7-12 Mathematics Initial2513213
     7-12 Social Studies Initial11935432
     7-12 Spanish Initial1348
     K-12 Visual Arts Initial265215
     7-12 Science Extension314
* data is for Undergraduate and Graduate level combined
Table 2. Pass Rates for the NYSTCE Liberal Arts and Science (LAST), Assessment of Teaching Skills - Written (ATS-W) and Content Specialty Tests (CST)
Completion Year5-Year Total
Overall Test Takers21281311679
Overall Pass Rate95%93%85%82%83%90%
     # Test Takers21251311676
     % Pass Rate100%100%100%100%100%100%
     Mean Test Score (100-300)272.5269.3270.0261.5271.3269.3
     # Test Takers21281311679
     % Pass Rate100%100%100%100%100%100%
     Mean Test Score (100-300)267.7260.7261.2262.5261.5262.9
     # Test Takers21281411781
     % Pass Rate95%93%86%82%86%90%
     Mean Test Score (100-300)249.2243.9250.1238.3256.1246.7
The Completion Year follows the definition of CAEP as Sept. 1 through Aug. 31 *** To protect confidentiality, results not published if fewer than 5 scores NYS Title II Report Card

Copies of the annual NYS Title II report card are listed to the right of this page.


Table 3.  Educational Leadership Program Completers by Year
Completion Year5-Year Total
Total Certifications1091510448
Initial Certification (School Building Leader)87106233
Professional Certification (School District Leader)2254215
Table 4. Pass Rates for the NYSTCE School Leadership Assessments
N takenN passedPass RateMinMaxMeanSt. Dev.
Initial Certification (School Building Leader)
NYSTCE Test 100 Score (100-300)272696%219289240.816.0
NYSTCE Test 101 Score (100-300)2727100%223277242.414.3
Professional Certification (School District Leader)
NYSTCE Test 103 Score (100-300)77100%223287253.425.0
NYSTCE Test 104 Score (100-300)77100%221288253.323.0


Information on St. Lawrence's CAS programs which qualify for Gainful Employment reporting is available here: