GIS Program

Porcupine Population Division Route 11 - Brett Ford '14
Comparing the Density of Chickadees
Emergency Service Districts, Canton, NY - Francis Stripp '14
Potential Homesteads in St. Lawrence County - Jon Ignatowski '12

The GIS Program at St. Lawrence University is one of many services offered by the University Libraries. Located on the top floor of the Launders Science Library, we provide instructional, technical and research support to the St. Lawrence University community in the use of geospatial software and technology.  We offer instruction and support relating to Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Global Positioning Systems.

GIS Support

The St. Lawrence University Libraries' GIS Program supports GIS across the curriculum with help for faculty, staff and students.   We provide one-on-one instruction, class instruction, technical support, and help with the use of GIS in research design.  We are also able to identify spatial data sources for use in research or class projects. 

The GIS staff is available Monday thru Friday 8:30 - 4:30 to instruct students and faculty in the use of GIS and GPS. Student GIS Technicians are available for technical support Sun – Wed evenings in the Elberty Spatial Analysis Lab.  Contact Carol Cady, GIS/Map Specialist to find out how GIS can enhance your studies.

GIS News at SLU

Spring 2015:

**Paid Summer GIS Internship Annoucement**

The St. Lawrence County Planning Office and St. Lawrence University Libraries GIS Program are partnering to create a new St. Lawrence County Agricultural Developmental Plan.  Contact Carol Cady for further information and to apply, email or (315) 229-5824  
Click here for full internship description.

Some of the projects we are working on this semester:

Mapping the Laurentian Legacy: We are working with Donor Relations to create an interactive web map that shows all of the named spaces across University property.

Faculty Support: Continued support on custom GIS projects for this semester with a variety of themes.

Facilities: Collecting geospatial data on underground infrastructure with GPS, mapping and GPS support on construction of new campus trail.

Orienteering Course: Once the ground thaws we are going to place the posts that will designate our first permanant orienteering course, maps to come.

ESRI Story Maps: These continue to be popular with faculty and staff and we used a variety of the Apps.  Please check out Telling the story of the Arab Spring through Graffiti, created by Giselle El Khoury, the director of the SLU's Language Resource Center

ESRI Community Maps: Our student technicians have worked hard on this project and it results in adding authoritative SLU GIS data to ESRI's global basemaps

Summertime 2014:

Crossing Boundaries Mellon Humanities Grant (1) - The GIS staff, in collaboration with the Crossing Boundaries: Re-envisioning the Humanities for the 21st Century Associate Program Coordinator Matthew Lavin, received a small grant to lay the foundation to better connect digital mapping approaches with the humanities and continue the expansion of spatial learning opportunities at St. Lawrence University.  The University’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff, in collaboration with a variety of humanities and social science faculty, will design a dynamic database for faculty to expand their pedagogical scope, bring spatial learning and technological applications into the classroom, and provide a web-based mapping platform to share customized collaborative work.

Mapping the Laurentian Legacy - In collaboration with the University's donation's staff, and funding from a innovation grant, the GIS staff (including two student workers) began collecting 'named spaces' (plaques, rocks, trees, benches, buildings, athletic facilities etc.) data with a GPS and, also, creating a dynamic GIS database to house the data.  Ultimately, a searchable web-based interactive map will display these 'named spaces' locations with pictures and eventually videos. 

Upgrades to the GIS Lab

- The lab is known to become quite toasty during the warmer months and alas, we have a wall mount A/C unit, yeah!

- New teaching monitor (SONY Bravia 70" LED) , this replaces our old projector and the wall combination.

- Two additional HP Z1 Workstations, this brings our lab up to twelve identical machines

(1) This work has been sponsored by 'Crossing Boundaries,' an interdisciplinary humanities project at St. Lawrence University made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. For additional grant information check the link for the project's website: