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GIS Program

Porcupine Population Division Route 11 - Brett Ford '14
Comparing the Density of Chickadees
Emergency Service Districts, Canton, NY - Francis Stripp '14
Potential Homesteads in St. Lawrence County - Jon Ignatowski '12

The GIS Program at St. Lawrence University is one of many services offered by the University Libraries. Located on the top floor of the Launders Science Library, we provide instructional, technical and research support to the St. Lawrence University community in the use of geospatial software and technology.  We offer instruction and support relating to Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Global Positioning Systems.

GIS Support

The St. Lawrence University Libraries' GIS Program supports GIS across the curriculum with help for faculty, staff and students.   We provide one-on-one instruction, class instruction, technical support, and help with the use of GIS in research design.  We are also able to identify spatial data sources for use in research or class projects. 

The GIS staff is available Monday thru Friday 8:30 - 4:30 to instruct students and faculty in the use of GIS and GPS. Student GIS Technicians are available for technical support Sun – Thurs evenings in the Elberty Spatial Analysis Lab.  Contact Carol Cady, GIS/Map Specialist to find out how GIS can enhance your studies.

GIS News at SLU

Spring 2017:

GIS Students Present at SLU Festival of Science - GIS Students, Michelle Knuepfer '17, Max Maurer '18, Morgan Smith '17 and Andrew Young '17 presented posters at St. Lawrenece University's Festival of Science  on April 28.  Michelle employed the Remote Sensing technique NDVI to examine Land Use Change in St. Lawrence County and the Impact on Grassland Bird Habitat 2001 -2017.  Max's poster  titled Assessing Impacts of Wind Turbine Placement on Migratory Birds examined bird sightings and elevation data.  Morgan focused on GPS and wetlands in his poster Wetland Delineation of the St. Lawrence University Kip Tract and Andrew Young displayed the steps need to  troubleshoot a GIS Model on Brook Trout Spawning for the NYS DEC in his poster Troubleshooting a Topographical Index GIS Model for Brook Trout Spawning 

Fall 2016:

Northern New York GIS Users Celebrate GIS Day - November 16 is GIS Day.  GIS Program Staff will be participating in the Northern New York GIS Users Meeting at Cheel Arena.  Carol and Dakota are presenting on the SLU GIS Program fall activities. 

Spring 2016:

Crossing Boundaries Mellon Humanities Grant* - The GIS staff, in collaboration with the Crossing Boundaries: Re-envisioning the Humanities for the 21st Century Associate Program Coordinator Leila Walker, received a small grant to lay the foundation to better connect digital mapping approaches with the humanities and continue the expansion of spatial learning opportunities at St. Lawrence University.  For Spring 2016 the intern project will be working with 3D mapping  to create a viewshed analysis for online and mobile applications environments.  We expect that Python scripts will be developed from this project which can then be used to do other viewshed analyses, and that the intern will provide instruction to the permanent GIS staff on how to best employee these scripts and create similar scripts.

*This work has been sponsored by 'Crossing Boundaries,' an interdisciplinary humanities project at St. Lawrence University made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. For additional grant information check the link for the project's website: Mellon Humanities Grant 

St. Lawrence County Agricultural Atlas: The St. Lawrence County Planning Office and St. Lawrence University Libraries GIS Program partnered to create the St. Lawrence County Digital Agricultural Atlas.  Sean Gannon '15, over the course of a two month summer internship, compiled various datasets that are accessible from the Development Authority of the North Country Internet Mapping Application (DANC IMC).  Funding for Sean's summer internship was provided by the Walker Fellowship Program.

Ongoing Projects:

Mapping the Laurentian Legacy: We are working with Donor Relations to create an interactive web map that shows all of the named spaces across University property.

Faculty Support: Continued support on custom GIS projects for this semester with a variety of themes.

Facilities: Collecting geospatial data on underground infrastructure with GPS.

Orienteering Course: Once the ground thaws we are going to place the posts that will designate our first permanent orienteering course, maps to come.

 A few links to story maps, created by faculty, staff, and students: The Arab Spring, Historical Topo Maps, French West African Encounter Project