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GIS Program

Porcupine Population Division Route 11 - Brett Ford '14
Comparing the Density of Chickadees
Emergency Service Districts, Canton, NY - Francis Stripp '14
Potential Homesteads in St. Lawrence County - Jon Ignatowski '12

The GIS Program at St. Lawrence University is one of many services offered by the University Libraries. Located on the top floor of the Launders Science Library, we provide instructional, technical and research support to the St. Lawrence University community in the use of geospatial software and technology.  We offer instruction and support relating to Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Global Positioning Systems.

GIS Support

The St. Lawrence University Libraries' GIS Program supports GIS across the curriculum with help for faculty, staff and students.   We provide one-on-one instruction, class instruction, technical support, and help with the use of GIS in research design.  We are also able to identify spatial data sources for use in research or class projects. 

The GIS staff is available Monday thru Friday 8:30 - 4:30 to instruct students and faculty in the use of GIS and GPS. Student GIS Technicians are available for technical support Sun – Wed evenings in the Elberty Spatial Analysis Lab.  Contact Carol Cady, GIS/Map Specialist to find out how GIS can enhance your studies.

GIS News

1/29/14: ArcGIS Online Basics:  

Accessing ArcGIS via (through web browsers, mobile devices, and ArcGIS for Desktop), from the two web based options, at the top of the page, to view and create maps click: GALLERY or MAP.  Choose from a variety of quality maps in GALLERY or create your own in MAP.

Creating an account:  

  • ArGIS subscription: Provides access to all functions of ArcGIS Online, primarily for organization use, please inquire to the GIS staff about the University's organizational account
  • Register Your ESRI Global Account: Provides access to special areas of Esri websites (Forums, etc.), this becomes a public account after you register through ArcGIS Online
  • Public Account: Provides access to ArcGIS Online, this is also an Esri Global Account, this is the best sign in option for students and staff

Without creating an account, the basics are available to view maps, add and search for layers, and add map notes (features: points, lines, and Polygons), and note that the save options is not available.

After creating an account and signing in, there are more options, you can now save and share maps that you have created.  To perform analysis and save layers you must have the organizational subscription.