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GIS Program Contacts

Carol Cady, GIS Specialist
Dakota Casserly, GIS/GPS Technician

GIS Program Contacts

GIS Staff - available Mon. - Fri. 8:30 - 4:30.

Carol Cady
GIS Specialist/Map Librarian
Launders Science Library

Dakota Casserly
GIS/GPS Technician
Launders Science Library

Student Technicians Fall 2016
*During fall and spring semesters student technicians are available evenings in the Elberty Spatial Analysis Lab to help with GIS and GPS questions.

 -- Spatial Analysis Lab hours: Sunday nights 7-10pm

 -- Spatial Analysis Lab hours: Monday nights 7-10pm

 -- Spatial Analysis Lab hours: Tuesday nights 730-1030pm

 -- Spatial Analysis Lab hours: Wednesday nights 7-10pm

 -- Spatial Analysis Lab hours: Thursday nights 7-10pm