4+1 MBA/MS Program with Clarkson University

St. Lawrence University and Clarkson University have established an agreement that allows St. Lawrence students to plan their undergraduate program to include courses that serve as a foundation for graduate study in business at Clarkson. These foundation courses include material required in the first year of study in the MBA of MS programs at Clarkson. Students who plan their undergraduate program carefully are able to earn an undergraduate degree from St. Lawrence University and an MBA of MS degree from Clarkson in five years. If necessary, any remaining foundation courses may be taken at Clarkson the summer prior to beginning the MBA or MS program.

What are the MBA and MS Programs?

The Clarkson Master of Business Administration (MBA) program prepares students for leadership positions within an increasingly global and technological work environment. The Master of Science in Management Systems (MS) program provides the opportunity to concentrate in a particular field of interest. The MS can be earned in three functional areas: Human Resource Management (MSHR), Information Systems (MSIS), and Manufacturing Management (MSMM).

Early Admission may be granted at the completion of the Junior year for applicants with a GPA of 3.0 and a 70 th percentile GMAT score. Regular admission will be granted to any student having completed 18 credits in specified foundation courses with a minimum 2.0 in each, a GMAT score above the 50 th percentile, and a 3.0 upper division GPA.

Foundation Courses

Satisfactory completion of foundation requirements will include a total of 27-33 equivalent semester hours. Listed below are approved courses at St. Lawrence University, which will satisfy foundation requirements.

Clarkson U. Foundation Requirements / SLU Course Equivalents

Accounting:  Financial and Managerial / ACC 203 & 204
Economics:  Micro and Macro / ECON 100 and ECON 251 or ECON 252
Corporate Finance / ECON 313
Operations/Production Management / OM 331+
Computer Science: Information Systems / CS 140 and IS 200+ (prerequisite for OS 286, MK 320, and OM 331)
Statistics and Quantitative Methods / STAT 113 or ECON 200
Law and Society / ECON 305++ or ECON 307
Principles of Marketing / MK 320+
Principles of Management and Organizational Theory / PSYC 313 or OS 286+

+Courses by cross registration at Clarkson University
++To assure full coverage, students will need to complete a book review surveying the legal environment of business or take other appropriate law-related courses at SLU.