Lab Facilities

Computer Science Labs

The Computer Science program maintains three lab facilities with a total of fifty-five desktop computers. Each computer has the following specifications.

  • Intel core i7 Quad Processor
  • 6 GB RAM
  • Dual 17 inch Monitors
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 graphics card
  • Ubuntu Linux (current version is 10.04)

Here is a photo gallery of the labs and here is a presentation that describes the labs in more detail. This presentation was given at CCSC-NW in 2010.

Bewkes 109

Bewkes 109 contains 25 student computers and one instructor station and is primarily used for our intro CS classes CS140 and CS219.

Bewkes 107

Bewkes 107 contains 15 computers and one instructor station and is primarily used for upper level electives

Bewkes 144

Bewkes 144 contains 12 computers and one instructor station and is also used for upper level electives.

Bewkes 143 - Server Room

Bewkes 143 is the department's server room that contains the lab's networking equipment and file servers; csfile, csfile2, csweb, and csdb. 

  • csfile2 is the primary file server and contains user's home directories.
  • csfile is the backup for csfile2.
  • csweb is the web server.
  • csdb is a MySQL database server.

High Performance Computer

The Computer Science and Biology department was awarded an NSF grant for $179,000 to purchase a high performance computer and a microarray scanner.  The computer is an IBM System x3850 and contains:

  • 64 Intel Xeon 2.2GHz Processors,
  • one terabyte of RAM,
  • 1.2 terabytes of hard drive,
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Read the press release.