Student Bios

Sarah Koallick

Sarah is majoring in Computer Science and minoring in English.

She chose her major because of the first few courses in Computer Science that she took. In her SLU fellowship, she will be...

Kirsten Newton

Kirsten was a double major in Mathematics and Economics. Her senior honors thesis with Dr. Jim Defranza led to a journal publication in the Graph Theory Notes of New York.

The year after...

Jenna Street

Jenna is majoring in Mathematics and Economics and minoring in Statistics.

Her favorite experiences in the department so far have been the department dinners and picnics, and also working...

Abigail Ross

Abby is majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Physics and French.

Her favorite experience in the department so far has been the Bridge to Higher Math course. "I loved exploring all sorts...

Torrey Hayden

Torrey was a double major in Mathematics and Physics with a minor in Estudios Hispanicos.

She is now headed to graduate school in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado.

Thomas Kraft

Toma was a Computer Science major.

The summer after graduation, he did an internship in the Software Developer Engineer program at Amazon. He is now a graduate student in computer science...