Laura Garry

Laura Garry
Laura Garry
French and Religious Studies
Watertown, New York
Calling All Saints, Student Alumni Association, French Club

In all honesty, St. Lawrence was not high on my lists of potential schools when I started looking at universities. Since I graduated from this area (Watertown, an hour South from SLU), I was not interested in being so close to home. However after much encouragement from my father, alumni from within the community, and a friend who was currently attending, I decided to take a look. When I did decide to give St. Lawrence a chance, the school astounded me. I fell in love with the language department and the study abroad program options. The variety, quality, and size of classes made me want to come and learn. A tour of the campus really sealed the deal. Seeing the campus and hearing about how amazing the school was, I couldn’t help but be convinced; St. Lawrence was for me. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

In the Modern Language Department I was able to improve my skills in Spanish, the language that I had been taking in high school, for the first few semesters at SLU. In the three semesters that I took Spanish classes I felt a huge improvement of the skills that I had acquired in high school. I have also been able to begin my French studies, which after my experience abroad (which is the best experience, do an abroad program!) became my major. I participated in the Spring French program that is designed for beginners. This means that I took a semester of French 101 and then shipped off to Quebec, Canada; Rouen, France; and Dakar, Senegal for four months with little to no French. Although daunting, it was exhilarating and exciting to stumble through a language, three different home stays, and widely varying cultures. Also, I have taken a semester of Swahili, which helps me with the languages that are dialects of Swahili that are spoken in Malawi, where my younger sister is originally from and where I do mission work.

In the future I would like to work abroad, preferably with the State Department in an embassy as a Foreign Services Officer. I would love to live all over the world and I figure that working for the government would give me a direct relationship with the States and would be a secure job in an economy that is not at its best. So in order to do that I am currently planning on taking the FSOT (Foreign Services Officer Test) this Fall and I am also applying to Graduate schools to both French and International Relations programs.