Mercedes Case

Mercedes Case
Mercedes Case
Spanish and Communications
Accord, NY
Anthropology Club, United Methodist Church and Bittersweet Farm Volunteer

My experience studying abroad in Spain:

My study abroad experience in Spain would not have been complete without the internship component. I was lucky enough to have worked for 4 intensive weeks, 6 hours a day, at a private, well renowned catholic school situated not far from the Colegio Mayor where all St. Lawrence students attend class. Colegio FEM has a warm, traditional one-room schoolhouse spirit where wooden desks, cozy classrooms, and uniformed students present the norm. 

Throughout this past year I have acted as a teacher´s assistant for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade students of English. I regularly read aloud passages, graded papers, helped prepare for the important Trinity Exam, and shared cultural knowledge of my home in the states.

For me, the deepest, most enriching part of working at Colegio FEM stemmed from the unique opportunity I was given to work outside of the more carefully planned classroom setting. Working one-on-one in a room outside of class allowed me to experiment first-hand with new ways of introducing grammar, syntax and pronunciation-based exercises in a way that was both fun and effective.  I felt proud of my accomplishments with the students and even though my plan to become an English teacher is still tentative, this internship has certainly provided me with an important framework for understanding my strengths and interest in the speech, language and communication fields.