Student Bios

Benjamin Landry
Majors: Global Studies and Spanish

I am from a very rural town in central Massachusetts, but I lived in Houston for seven years during my childhood. Although I really enjoyed Texas, the northeast is where I call home because I love...

Laura Garry
Majors: French and Religious Studies

In all honesty, St. Lawrence was not high on my lists of potential schools when I started looking at universities. Since I graduated from this area (Watertown, an hour South from SLU), I was not...

Liliana Saplontai
Majors: Global Studies and Spanish
Minors: Caribbean and Latin American studies

I was born in 1988 in Johannesburg, South Africa, even though my family was living in Botswana. I grew up and lived in Botswana where I graduated from high school; my parents still live there...

Daniel Sheff
Majors: Estudios Hispánicos (Hispanic Studies) Major

Since my decision to attend St. Lawrence about 15 years ago, the SLU community has been one of the most important elements of life. I am in daily contact with my St. Lawrence friends, and I...

Sam Gradess
Majors: Francophone Studies and Psychology

I knew when I chose St. Lawrence that I was going to continue my study of the French language. I had four wonderful, and challenging years of high school (and college) French with my teacher, Mr....

Ali Stabler
Majors: Spanish/Psychology
Minors: Sport and Exercise Science

Looking back on the past three years of my college career, I have come to realize that I could not have chosen a more perfect school for myself than St. Lawrence. As the daughter of two...