Student Bios

Lexi Beckwith
Majors: Spanish Language & Global Studies
Minors: Caribbean and Latin American studies

My experience studying abroad in Spain:

Throughout the winter break and the spring semester, I was able to intern at ONG RESCATE INTERNACIONAL, a non-for-profit...

Rachelle Doucette
Majors: Spanish
Minors: Biology

Rachelle was first attracted to St. Lawrence University because of its plethora of on-campus facilities like acres of running trails, the Wachtmeister Fieldhouse, its contemporary athletic...

Jessica Peraza
Majors: Government and Hispanic Studies
Taylor Washington
Majors: Sociology and Spanish

I fell in love with St. Lawrence when I was a sophomore in high school. That year I came to campus for the first time to drop off my older sister, Courtney, who was a first-year here in 2008....

Jenny Liano
Majors: Spanish

I chose St. Lawrence University because of the biology program and the student body. As a pre-med student, my education in biology is very important to me, and SLU has the facilities to offer the...

Alex DeParde
Majors: Government and Hispanic Studies

As a student from the Midwest, a school halfway across the country was not the obvious choice for university. However, St. Lawrence’s academic programs and study abroad options stood out. Since...