Student Bios

Reina Maricela Blair
Majors: Environmental Studies/Anthropology combined

Studying at SLU was truly a rewarding experience in a beautiful place with great academic programs and interesting and friendly people. Even though I was an Environmental Studies &...

Dana Chilson
Majors: Spanish
Minors: Education; Caribbean and Latin American Studies

I am very pleased to be a member of the SLU community.  Even though I graduated in 2004, I still maintain contacts with students and faculty on campus. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Saint...

Carl Cornell
Majors: Francophone Studies

Why did you choose St. Lawrence?
Having grown up in a small, countryside town, I wanted a school that had a rural feel and yet had a community to which it contributed; I was looking for a...

Emmanuel Moreno
Majors: Multi-Language (Spanish, French, Chinese)

Hello! ¡Hola! Bonjour! 你好!

I was born and raised in the Borough of Queens in New York City. Having been raised in such a diverse environment, I was instilled with a desire to learn about...

Kendra Bush
Majors: Spanish
Minors: Education


My experience studying abroad in Spain:

One of the most rewarding experiences of the year long program in Spain is the internship component. During this past...

Heather Titus
Majors: French/ German

When people ask me about my background, I am not sure how to answer accurately since I feel that as I have grown, many different cultures and educational programs have shaped who I am today....