Student Bios

Majors: French/ German

When people ask me about my background, I am not sure how to answer accurately since I feel that as I have grown, many different cultures and educational programs have shaped who I am today....

Majors: French and Religious Studies

In all honesty, St. Lawrence was not high on my lists of potential schools when I started looking at universities. Since I graduated from this area (Watertown, an hour South from SLU), I was not...

Majors: Environmental Studies/Anthropology combined

Studying at SLU was truly a rewarding experience in a beautiful place with great academic programs and interesting and friendly people. Even though I was an Environmental Studies &...

Majors: Biochemistry
Minors: Spanish

I grew up in the town of Medway, Massachusetts with both my parents and my younger brother. It’s a fairly small and quiet town about 25 miles away from Boston.  Both of my parents also grew...

Majors: Biology and Estudios Hispánicos

I grew up just outside of Hartford, Connecticut, where I attended a small high school with emphasis on creative arts. Through a suggestion of my guidance counselor I found St....

Majors: Spanish
Minors: Education; Caribbean and Latin American Studies

I am very pleased to be a member of the SLU community.  Even though I graduated in 2004, I still maintain contacts with students and faculty on campus. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Saint...