Christopher Watts: Composer, Media Artist, and Performer

Director of the Newell Center for Arts Technology and Associate Professor of Music Christopher Watts is full of unsolicited advice. He knows that you can’t break up with your gadgets, but urges you to put your foot down and demand that they stop running your life. On February 28th, Dr. Watts will present a program of new audio/video/performance work that explores the relationship between people and machines from varying perspectives. With a mix of experimental and pop-oriented work, the program is sure to have something for everyone to disparage online. Please join us on Friday, February 28th at 8:00pm in Peterson-Kermani Performance Hall.

A composer and media artist, Dr. Watts teaches courses in music technology, composition, programming, and multimedia. He writes about the relationship between people and technology, how this affects education, and what the role of the liberal arts might be in the brave new world.