Student Bios

Majors: Biochemistry, Music

"I am forever grateful that I had the chance to double major in both biochemistry and music.  As a biochemistry undergraduate, I planned on attending dental school with hopes of running my...

Majors: Biology, Music

Taylor studied biology and music.  He was recruited to play baseball at St. Lawrence, but quickly became involved in many opportunities that SLU offers. He studied abroad in Kenya the summer...

Majors: Music and Psychology

"As a first-year student, knowing I would like to pursue a music major, I was eager from the start to get involved with the music at SLU. Taking two music classes in the Underground opened me up...

Majors: Music
Minors: Geology

"Growing up in suburban Connecticut I was never really certain what I wanted to do or study. I knew I had always enjoyed the outdoors but had never fully accessed it before or knew what it truly...

Majors: Music and Economics

Shane was a music and economics major. He was actively involved with the music department and was a guitarist in ensembles such as the Improv Lab and Jug Band. 

Being a music major...

Majors: Music and History

As a double major at St. Lawrence, Ms. Hoffman decided to go to SLU's Vienna program to study music and history.  This experience helped her discover "who I really am, and what I am capable...