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Twenty students have been selected as 2003 University Fellows for this summer, in a program that allows them to receive funding while conducting research with a faculty partner.

This is the fifth year of the program. The students, with their project titles and faculty partners' names, are:

  • Aimee Baker '04, West Chazy, NY, (Lorna Ness Fellow) "Founding Mothers: Colonial New France and the Filles du Roi," Neil Forkey, Canadian studies
  • Aryendra Chakravartty '05, Morang, Nepal, (MacKay Fellow) "Contemporary Nepal in Historical Perspective, 1846-1950, Ganesh Trichur, global studies
  • Cody Eldredge '05, Boise, ID, "Being Black and Being Gay: A Biographically Critical Approach to Analyzing the Works of James Baldwin," Margaret Kent Bass, English
  • Amy Frey '04, Malone, NY, (Baker Fellow) "Parks, Water and People," Thomas Greene, psychology
  • Saurabh Gupta '05, Patna, India, (Alumni Council Fellow) "The Indian Diaspora's Quest for Identity," Ana de Freitas Boe, English
  • Emily Hunt '04, Buffalo, NY, (Baumhoff Fellow) "Towards a More Family- Friendly St. Lawrence," Patrice LeClerc, sociology
  • Justin Keller '05, Fulton, NY, (Smith Fellow) "Iridescence in the Feathers of the Scarlet Macaw," Catherine Jahncke, physics
  • Ryan Lawless '04, Frankfort, NY, (Rose Fellow) "Role of Locus Coeruleus in Respiratory Control in the Rat," Joseph Erlichman, biology
  • Joshua Lynch '05, Waddington, NY, (Ferguson Fellow) "An Explanation of Economic Sanctions: Do Sanctions Equal War?," Assis Malaquias, government
  • Cami Michaud '04, South Burlington, VT, (Rose Fellow) "Developmental Growth and Maturation of Newborn Rat Brain Sodium Bicarbonate Co-transporters," Michael Temkin, biology
  • Kwabena Osei-Kusi '05, Accra, Ghana, (Murray Fellow) "The Burakumin Cycle: A Case of Market Failure," Alison Del Rossi, economics
  • Abhishek Parajuli '04, Kathmandu, Nepal, (Phelps Fellow) "Generating College Hockey Team Rankings Using a Computer Software," Michael Sheard, mathematics, computer science and statistics
  • Yevgeniy Rogovoy '04, Taganrog, Russia, (Areson Fellow) "Purchasing Power Parity in Cyberspace," Michael Jenkins, economics
  • Elizabeth Saxe '05, Angel Fire, NM, (MacKay Fellow) "The Mutiny of a Generation: The Disillusionment of the Serapion Brotherhood's Literature in Revolutionary Russia," Ruth Kreuzer, modern languages and literatures
  • Thomas Scott '04, Gouverneur, NY, (Rose Fellow) "Analysis of Basement Membrane Components of Preantral Follicles in the Rat," Karin Bodensteiner, biology
  • Christopher Stevens '04, Clarence Center, NY, (Baker Fellow) "Subsurface Investigation Into the Internal Architecture of Lacustrine and Marine Strandline Deposits; Northern New York," Stephen Robinson, geology
  • Krista Stowe '05, Potsdam, NY, "The Female Experience: Women's 20th Century Economic Contributions in the North Country as Compared to Mohawk Women of Akwesasne," Donna Alvah, history
  • Sara Vasko '04, Niskayuna, NY, (MacKay Fellow) "Czechoslovakian Art: A Study from Post-World War II to The Prague Spring," Elizabeth Kahn, fine arts
  • Jennifer Whorrall '04, Phoenix, NY, (Alumni Council Fellow) "St. Regis Falls on Fire: The Teachers' Strike of 1984," Alan Draper, government
  • Omar Zaidan '04, Amman, Jordan, (Rose Fellow) "Heuristic Graph Coloring Algorithms," Michael Sheard, mathematics, computer science and statistics

    Posted: April 9, 2003