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Twenty-five students have been selected as 2006 University Fellows for this summer, in a program that allows them to receive funding while conducting research with a faculty partner.

This is the eighth year of the program. The 2006 University Fellows, with their project titles and faculty partners' names, are:

Paula Bogart '07, Lafargeville, NY; Constant Warfare: The Effects on Families in Afghanistan, 1973 to 2006; Donna Alvah, history.

Kim Bradshaw '08, Gloucester, MA; Food and Shelter Competition between Round Goby and Fantail Darter in the Tributaries of the Saint Lawrence River; Brad Baldwin, biology.

Salvatore Cania '07, Hannawa Falls, NY; War of Words: The Post-9/11 Rhetorical Struggle Between Israel and Palestine; John Collins, global studies.



Charlotta Chung '08, Clifton Park, NY; In God We Trust: Examining the Role of Faith-Based Organizations in Community; Ron Flores, sociology.

Stephen Ciesla '07, Conklin, NY; Graphics Processing Unit Memory Management Analysis; Brian Ladd, mathematics, statistics and computer science.

Ellen Doble '07, Essex Junction, VT; Quantifying the Difference in Language and Conversation Markers of Students Over Time; Jenna Torres, modern languages.



Christy Fessler '07, Kendall, NY; Basal Ganglia and High-Order Cognition: Effects of Striatal Lesions on Behavioral Flexibility; Bill DeCoteau, psychology.



Kelly Garcia '07, Abilene, TX; Studying and Composing Various Cultural Musics in Vietnam: Comparing traditional music bought online against traditional music collected in Vietnam; Michael Farley, music.



Brittany Goss '08, Rockport, ME; Exploring Cultural Identity in Historical Perspective: Fictional Narratives of Colonial and Post-Colonial Experience; Paul Graham, English.



William Hackett '07, Tully, NY; The Tully Valley Brine Field/Mudboil Hydrogeologic Connections Project; Diane Burns, geology.

Victor Kai-Rogers '08, Freetown, Sierra Leone; The Export Subsidy Debate: A Look at the Agreement on Export Subsidy Definition in the WTO; Peter FitzRandolph, economics.



Jamie Lomax '07, North Creek, NY; AFALFA: The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey, An extragalactic survey for HI; Aileen O'Donoghue, physics.



Dipesh Mainali '08, Chitwan, Nepal; Macroeconomic Aggregates and the Determinants of Growth: A Comparative Study of Nepal and Thailand; Michael Jenkins, economics.

Alejandra Marrero '08, Bronx, NY; Determining the Biological Role of the TRP-1 calcium channels in C. elegans; Ana Estevez, biology.

Neema Mawiyoo '06, Nairobi, Kenya; Thots not Spake: A book of poems; Duriel Harris, English.




Robert Menard '07, Mooers, NY; Postglacial Drainage Development in the Grass, Raquette and St. Regis Rivers; J. Mark Erickson, geology.

Dennis Morreale '07, Corinth, NY; Russia and Ukraine: Security Concerns in the 21st Century; Karl Schonberg, government.




John Munsey '08, Burnt Hills, NY; Creation of a Worm Strain with Fluorescently Labelled Ca2+ Channels; Ana Estevez, biology.

Julia Palmateer '07, Canton, NY; Dynamic Assessment of Rodent Configural Learning; Bill DeCoteau, psychology.




Elizabeth Podhaizer '07, Essex Junction, VT; Generation of more stable mesophilic enzymes from their thermophilic homologues; Matthew Skeels, chemistry.

Lisa Romas '08, Fayetteville, NY; An Investigation of Contaminants in the Norton Sound Region of Arctic Alaska; Jon Rosales, environmental studies, and Cathy Shrady, geology.



April Spearance '08, Canton, NY; Relationships in Sport: How Do Holistic Relationships Make a Difference?; Cheryl Stuntz, psychology.

Christine Tobia '08, Corning, NY; Effect of Color Luminescence on Exercise Performance: do different wavelengths have different & significant impacts on physical activity?; David Hornung, biology.

Melissa Wells '07, Rochester, NY; The Purification of the Ligand Binding Domain of the Human Androgen Receptor and the Analysis of Binding of Xeno Androgens; Matthew Skeels, chemistry.

John Winkowski '07, Rochester, NY; Can Coral Reefs Surrounding San Salvador, Bahamas be Restored by Transplanting the Sea Urchin Diadema antillarum?; Brad Baldwin, biology.



Posted: May 3, 2006

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