St. Lawrence University Chemistry Professor Paul Connett brought his anti-incineration views to Ireland recently, in public meetings in County Kildare.

Thermal Waste Management Ireland has proposed siting an incinerator in Kilcock, County Kildare. The proposal, to process some 100,000 tonnes of hazardous waste per year, was rejected by the Kildare County Council, but their decision has been appealed. The North Kildare/South Meath Alliance organized a town meeting on the topic, with Connett, an outspoken opponent of incineration as a strategy to deal with waste disposal, as a key speaker.

Coverage of the event in The Irish Times quoted Connett as saying that "Ireland is in a perfect position to produce dioxin-free food," which would be jeopardized by the construction of an incinerator. Connett cited studies showing links between incineration and dioxin levels in food.

In addition, Connett was quoted as saying that dioxins could hurt another of Ireland's unique commodities: he stated that its presence could affect the performance of racehorses.

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