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A St. Lawrence graduate is one-half of the "most energetic couple" in the country, according to the Sunday magazine USA Weekend.

The publication recently set out to find the "most energetic couple," along with tips on how anyone can cultivate more energy in life. They first pinpointed the "most energetic" city (Charlottesville, Virginia); then, editors "scoured Charlottesville fitness centers and civic groups for the city's most well-rounded, energetic couples. The top candidates took the scientific Jackson Personality Inventory-Energy Level Scale test from Sigma Assessment Systems, a psychological-assessment consulting company." The winners? Tim and Susie Burgess '83.

The story, in the September 26 issue, states, "Frankly, we got tired just listening to everything this Virginia duo crams into their busy lives. Tim Burgess, 40, is chef and owner of three restaurants. Susie, 42, gets up at 4:30 a.m. to train for triathlons. You'll see the couple walking their five kids -- ages 6 to 12 -- to school while Tim chucks a football with them the whole way. Tim is on his mountain and road bikes all year, and he runs several times a week. He also volunteers as a coach in a city basketball league. All of this while balancing a work schedule that demands more than 50 hours a week. In addition to taking care of their five kids, Susie volunteers at school, where she launched a fourth-grade running club to build self-esteem in children while addressing the youth obesity issue. She also reads to children at school. At home, she's passing along her love of good, healthful food to her children by cooking for the entire crew."

How do they get and maintain all that energy? The magazine listed tips from health experts, and it was found that the couple already follow many of the recommendations. Perhaps surprisingly, they also got advice on how to be even more energetic.

Susie Burgess earned her St. Lawrence degree in sociology.

Posted: October 7, 2003