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Online journal Geosphere will publish a paper co-authored by two St. Lawrence graduates in its June issue, continuing a series of publications by University alumni and faculty that explore the evolution of the Adirondack Mountains.

The paper, "Evidence for an enriched asthenospheric source for coronitic metagabbros in the Adirondack Highlands," was written by Sean Regan '10 for his senior thesis in geology; co-authors are Professor of Geology Jeffrey Chiarenzelli '81, James McLelland and Brian Cousens.

Geosphere is creating a theme volume, titled "New Developments in the Grenville Geology: In Honor of James McLelland," developed from a special session held at the 2008 Geological Society of America annual meeting, where 27 presentations, incorporating the work of over 60 geoscientists, were given in McLelland's honor. McLelland, an emeritus professor at Colgate University, has been a driving force in interpreting Adirondack geology for over 50 years.

To date, four papers with Laurentian authors have been published in the volume; Chiarenzelli is a co-author of all four. One of the four also has Regan, Graham Baird '98 and Associate Professor of Geology Cathy Shrady as co-authors. Baird and Shrady are collaborating on another paper they plan to submit to the issue for publication.

Chiarenzelli states, "The last time that the St. Lawrence geology department played such an integral role in the study of the Adirondacks was in 1980, when the theme issue 'Recent studies in Precambrian geology of the Adirondack Mountains' was published in the February 1980 Geological Society of America Bulletin. In this special issue, Professors W.D. Romey, W.T. Elberty, Jr.and R.S. Jacoby, with students Brian Brock '76, Roy Christoffersen '76, Gerry Ross '78, Douglass Tietbohl '78 and Tracy Shrier '77 published their work in a series of papers."

Posted: May 6, 2011

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