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Nineteen students have been awarded travel enrichment and independent travel research grants for Winter Break and Spring Semester through the Center for International and Intercultural Studies. They are:

The Giltz Family Fund for International and Intercultural Education Endowment:

  • Katherine Bagley ’07, Manchester, NH, “The Kenyan National Schools and Colleges Drummer Festival, an Experience of African Literature, Art and Theater”
  • Andrew Hogan ’06, South Glens Falls, NY, “Urban Gay Communities in London and Berlin”
  • Brooke James ’06, Millbrook, NY, “French and British Influence in the Caribbean: Trinidad and Guadalupe”
  • Kate Lafferty ’06, Wellesley, MA, “French and British Influence in the Caribbean: Trinidad and Guadalupe”
  • Camille Partin ’06, Bedford, NH, “Examining New Zealand’s Peoples, Cultural Identities and Geothermal Environments”

    The Sol Feinstone International Study Prize:

  • Juanita Ceesay ’06, Canton, NY, “Africa’s Brain Drain to the West: The French Experience”
  • Aryendra Chakravartty ’05, Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal, “The Colonial Dialectic: Formation of the Indian Nation-State and its Representations in History”
  • Christina Farnsworth ’05, Brockville, Ontario, “The Role of the Other in the Creation of German National Identity”
  • Ben Meade ’06, Amherst, NH, “Gold Mining in New Zealand: A Study of the Quest for This Valuable Mineral”
  • Isaac Mukuba ’06, Kalamazoo, MI, “An Ethical Study on Stem Cell Research in Great Britain”
  • Prajjwal Panday ’05, Kathmandu, Nepal, “Urban Watershed Pollution in Nairobi, Kenya: Case Study of the Nairobi River”
  • Stephanie Peglow ’06, Albion, NY, “Scandinavian Culture and History”
  • Kristin Rury ’06, Moravia, NY, “Water Quality Comparison of Five Finger Lakes and Five Italian Lakes”

    The Betsy Cogger Rezelman International Travel Endowment:

  • Eliza Doton ’06, Woodstock, VT, “A Cultural and Educational Glimpse of London”

    The Weaver/Nicolais Family International Travel Endowment:

  • Jamie Dyer ’06, Presque Isle, ME, “Religion, Art, and History: Immersion Literary Journalism on the Pilgrim Trail”

    The D. Douglas Andrews Memorial Award:

  • Dennis Morreale ’07, Corinth, NY, “The Capitals of Europe”

    The Cabot Family Endowment for International and Intercultural Education:

  • Anton Madzharov ’06, Bourgas, Bulgaria, “United Kingdom’s Reluctance over the Adoption of the Euro”
  • Sierra Newton ’06, Bennington, VT, “Seeking Sweden: The Legacy of Linnaeus”

    The Romeo/Gilbert Intercultural Endowment:

  • Alyson Courtemanch ’05, Mt. Vernon, ME, “An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Community-Based Conservation by Maasai Pastoralists in Southern Kenya”

    Posted: December 3, 2004