A St. Lawrence University professor's forthcoming book is causing controversy -- and a lot of media attention -- in Canada.

The National Post in Canada obtained a review copy of Professor of Canadian Studies Joseph T. Jockel's yet-to-be-published book, The Canadian Forces: Hard Choices, Soft Power, and published stories about its assertion that the Canadian military could not achieve the federal government's own objectives, due to budget cuts in recent years.

The stories have generated a great deal of controversy in Canada, drawing comment from Canada's defense minister, among others. In addition, the stories have led to many more media enquiries, particularly on radio, for Professor Jockel, a 1974 graduate of St. Lawrence and director of the Canadian Studies Program.

Jockel's book is to published later this month by the Canadian Institute for Strategic Studies, a non-profit research organization that examines defense, security and foreign-policy matters.

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