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Associate Professor of Geology Stephen Robinson and Chris Stevens '04 are the co-authors of an article in the Geological Society of America Special Publications Volume 432, Stratigraphic Analysis Using Ground Penetrating Radar. The article is titled "The Internal Structure of Lacustrine Strandline Deposits, Northern New York."

Robinson says that the paper is an extention of work done by Stevens for his senior thesis at St. Lawrence; he is now in a Ph.D. program at the University of Calgary.

He explains, "Glacial Lake Iroquois was an ice-dammed lake that existed in the Lake Ontario basin and St. Lawrence Lowlands toward the end of the last glaciation about 12,500 years ago. The former shorelines of this lake are marked with a series of sandy deltas at locations where large sediment-laden rivers entered the still water of the lake. Our study used ground penetrating radar (GPR), a non-destructive subsurface mapping device, to obtain images of the internal structure of these now-abandoned deltas for determining their depositional environments. We studied four deltas to the east of Potsdam, representing two distinct water levels of glacial Lake Iroquois."

Posted: December 6, 2007

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