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Twelve students have been awarded Travel Enrichment Grants by the Center for International and Intercultural Study, allowing them to supplement and enrich their off-campus study experience. The grants are intended to help students enhance immersion in a different culture and extend international or intercultural awareness.

For the summer of 2012, the following students have been awarded grants. Their project titles and regions where they will study are included below.

- Allison Baier, Ghana, "Psychological Acoustics: The Effect of Music Therapy on the Mental Health of Orphaned Ghanaian Children."

- C. Rochana Cooray, Sri Lanka, "Export Production Zones in Sri Lanka: Analysis of Labor Unions and Gender Dynamics of Work."

- Merrill Clerkin, China,"Religion in China."

- Aubrey Fox, India, "A Trek to an Ecological and Cultural Sanctuary."

- Ethan Bishop, England, "The Diamond Jubilee: The Beginning of the End or the Start of Something New?"

- Elizabeth Mason, Germany, "German Vampire Legends: Archival Research."

- Joanna Patouris, Ethiopia, "The Challenges that Reproduction, Patriarchy, and the Dominant Structure of Knowledge Have Upon Understanding the Global South."

- Jonathan Stopyra, Denmark, "Exploring the Diffusion of Westernized Sexual Identity: A Spatial-Cultural Comparison of LGBT Sexual Identities in an Urban and Rural Environment."

- Justin Wendler, Denmark/England, "Racial Diversity in the Royal Ballet of London."

- Fatima Sall, England, "Multiculturalism and Islam: Exploring the Cultural Assimilation of Muslim Youth."

- Jennifer Liano, Spain, "Living History in Spanish Culture through El Camino de Santiago de Compostela."

- Lydia Horne, France, "Exploring Early Human Evolution through Paleolithic Cave Art."

These projects are supported through funds established by alumni and friends of St. Lawrence: the Romeo-Gilbert Intercultural Endowment; Sol Feinstone International Study Endowment; Giltz, DeLauder, and McCullough International Travel Fund; Weaver/Nicolais Family International Travel Endowment and Clare Marie Rogers Matthews Memorial Fund.

More information: CIIS website

Posted: June 8, 2012

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