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Thirty students have been selected as 2005 University Fellows for this summer, in a program that allows them to receive funding while conducting research with a faculty partner.

This is the seventh year of the program. The 2005 University Fellows, with their project titles and faculty partners' names, are:

Daniel Allen '06, Essex Junction, VT, "The Development of a Functional Model to Assess the Role of Connexin 43," Jill Pflugheber, biology
Adam Britt '06, Rochester, NY, "Modeling Cross-Episodic Migration of Memory," Ed Harcourt, mathematics/computer science/statistics
Benjamin Case '07, Rutledge, PA, "Modeling Episodic Memory Migration with Cellular Automata," Ed Harcourt, mathematics/computer science/statistics
Karoline Chrzanowski '07, Watertown, NY, "Remember that time when...? The Interplay between Schematic and Episodic Memory: A Proposal," Sharon Hannigan, psychology
Stephen Cotton '06, Granby, CT, "Civil Societies Across Borders: The United States and Canada Compared," Alan Draper, government
Nathaniel Doro '06, Williamsville, NY, "Effects of Varying Concentration of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone on Rat Primordial Follicle Development in vitro," Jill Pflugheber, biology
Crystal Ellis '06, Potsdam, NY, "Reading Illustrations," Ron Sigmundi, psychology
Kevin Emblidge '06, Queensbury, NY, "Determining Triggering Conditions for an Adirondack Landslide (Mt. Colden, Avalanche Pass)," Diane Burns, geology
Paige Evans '07, Essex, VT, "A Study of the Medicinal Herb Coptis Trifolia in Old Growth and Second Growth Forests in the Adirondacks of Northern New York," Aswini Pai, biology
Leah Frankel '06, Glastonbury, CT, "The History of Jews at SLU," Marta Albert, education
Evelyn Gatawa '08, Zimbabwe, "SADC Free Trade Agreement: A Move Towards Improved Intra-Regional Trade and Economic Development in Southern Africa?," Bob Blewett, economics
Shawn Golley '08, Hamilton, NY, "Developing a Web-based, Multi-Format Calculus Educational Application," Dan Gagliardi, mathematics/computer science/statistics
Robin Hanson '06, Scotia, NY, "The Relationship Between Nasal Anatomy and Olfactory Ability," David Hornung, biology
Michael Hart '06, Fairport, NY, "Astrocytic pH Regulation in Central Respiratory Control Nuclei," Joe Erlichman, biology
Thomas Hathaway ' 06, DeRuyter, NY, "Language Diversity in the Vitiaz Strait Trade System," Ali Pomponio, anthropology
Kira Krumhansl '06, Amherst, NY, "Conservation of Juvenile Nassau Grouper in a Tidal Mangrove Lagoon on the Island of San Salvador, Bahamas," Brad Baldwin, biology
Oumou Leye '07, Senegal, "Financial Assistance and Economic Development in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Cote d'Ivoire," Bob Blewett, economics
Stephanie Lusk '05, Skidmore, TX, "A Dream of Glorious Return: Culture and Identity in Contemporary Art of the Tibetan Diaspora," Chandreyi Basu, fine arts
Trish McMahon '06, Federal Way, WA, "On the Cutting Board: The Lack of Ethnic Minorities in Print Journalism," Bob Cowser, English
Garrett Morgan '06, Whitesboro, NY, "Custom Memory Allocation in Graphics-Intensive Computer Applications," Brian Ladd, mathematics/computer science/statistics
Katherine Morrison '07, Rockland, ME, "Effects of Harvesting on Abundance and Distribution of Sanguinaria canadensis in the Adirondack Park, NY," Aswini Pai, biology
Noelle O'Brien '07, Philadelphia, PA, "HIV/AIDS on Global, Regional and Country Specific Levels: The Role of NGOs to Contain the Pandemic," David Lloyd, history
Tuoc Phan '07, Vietnam, "The Impact of Traditional Values and Modernization on Gender in Japan," Yoko Chiba, modern languages, and Valerie Lehr, gender studies
Heather Ross '06, Johnsburg, NY, "Life in the Mountains: A History of Women in the Adirondacks," Judith DeGroat, history
Elizabeth Salomon '06, Palmyra, NY, "The Ventilatory Effects of Impaired Lactate Shuttle in the Retrotrapazoid Nucleus," Joe Erlichman, biology
Mary Seward '06, Amsterdam, NY, "The Accuracy of the Domestic Dog's Olfactory Recognition of a Target Scent in the Presence of Distracter Odors," David Hornung, biology
Kanti Shrestha '07, Nepal, "Gender in the Making of Modern India," Abye Assefa, sociology
Sarah Skinner '06, Boxford, MA, "How Can K-12 Mathematics Teachers be More Effective and Efficient?," Jim DeFranza, mathematics/computer science/statistics
Jenna Stearns '06, Trumansburg, NY, "Peripheral Visions: Exploring the Images and Voices of Immigrant Women in Lavapies, Madrid, Spain," John Collins, global studies
Nathan Twichell '06, Falmouth, MA, "Genetic Relationships among Elliptio complanata Populations of the Eastern and Western sides of the Adirondacks," Mike Temkin, biology

Revised version posted: May 17, 2005

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