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Twenty-two students have been selected as 2008 University Fellows for this summer, in a program that allows them to receive funding while conducting research with a faculty partner.

This is the ninth year of the program. The 2008 University Fellows, with their project titles and faculty partners' names are below.

Jeffrey Aston '09
neuroscience major from East Setauket, NY

The Role of Nitric Oxide in Ischemic Brain Injury

Faculty sponsor: Joseph Erlichman, biology.
Kristin-Lee Berretta '10
biochemistry major from Pointe-Claire Quebec, Canada

Chemical Models of Anti-Cancer Pharmaceuticals based on Ruthenium Compounds with Organic Side Chains

Faculty Sponsor: Samantha Glazier, chemistry.
Douglas Brown '09
biology and history major from Hinesburg, VT

Effect of Protective Cages on Localized Restoration and Predation of a Keystone Harbivore on Caribbean Reefs

Faculty Sponsor: Brad Baldwin, biology.

Mark Burnham '09
biology major from Shelburne, MA

Describing Habitat Requirements and Competitive Relationships Among Woodland Grasses (Poacbae)

Faculty Sponsor: Karl McKnight, biology.

Nicole Butler '09
English major from Canton, NY

Crazy: My Life on the Other Side of the Looking Glass

Faculty Sponsor: Robert Cowser, English
Eric Clark '09
environmental studies and chemistry major from Montpelier, VT

Total Cadmium, Copper, and Zinc in Dreissena Polymorpha and Dreissena Rostriformis Bugensis in the St. Lawrence River AOC

Faculty Sponsor: Carrie Johns, environmental studies.
Liam Delahanty '09
neuroscience major from Francestown, NH

The Effects of Free Radical Inhibition on Caspase-Independent Apoptosis in the Post Ischemic Mouse Brain

Faculty Sponsor: Ana Estevez, biology.
Leah Farrar '11
English major from Pittsford, NY

A Poisoned Apple: Examining the Integration of Horrific Motifs into Postmodern Fairy Tales

Faculty Sponsor: Caroline Breashears, English.
Alia Gerritsen '09
biology major from Baltimore, MD

Characterizing Habitat Preferences Among Carex Species in a Local Deciduous Forest

Faculty Sponsor: Karl McKnight, biology.

Holly Irion '09
psychology major from Queensbury, NY

The Role of Social Networking Websites in the Presentation of Female Adolescent Sexuality

Faculty Sponsor: Danielle Egan, gender studies.
James Keller '09
Mathematics major from Fulton, NY

An Exploration of the Worth of Mathematics in Light of Three Philosophical Propositions

Faculty Sponsor: Dean Lauer, philosophy.

Erkinalp Kesikli '09
global studies major from Tekirdag, Turkey

The Muslim Nationalist vs. The Secular State: Usage of Religion and Nationalism in the Politics of Modern Turkey

Faculty Sponsor: John Collins, global studies.

Wendy Mathews '09
English and environmental studies major from Seneca Falls, NY

"Is That a Fact?": Tall Tales and their Socio-cultural Function in Today's Adirondack Region

Faculty Sponsor: Randy Hill, performance and communications arts.

Geoffrey Millard '10
Chemistry major from Ontario, Canada

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Mettallacrowns with the New Ligand N, N-bis (2-pyridylmethyl)glycine hydroxamic acid, H2bpgha

Faculty Sponsor: Neil Law, chemistry.

Justin Newcom '09
Computer science and government major from Minneapolis, MN

Techniques of Artificial Intelligence

Faculty Sponsor: Ed Harcourt, mathematics, computer science and statistics.

Michael O'Connor '09
environmental studies and geology major from Rouses Point, NY

Well Water Quality in St. Lawrence Country

Faculty Sponsor: Jeff Chiarenzelli, geology.
Kwasi Osei-Kusi '09
economnics major from Accra, Ghana

Why Free Markets Fail in Ghana

Faculty Sponsor: Robert Blewett, economics.

Alissa Rafferty '09
environmental studies and biology major from Lake Placid, NY

Population Ecology and Home Range Analyses of Obligate Army Ant-Following Birds in a Terra Firme Amazonian Forest

Faculty Sponsor: Susan Willson, biology.

Nina Rhim '10
biology major from Flushing, NY

The Effect of Pressure Stimulation of Acupunctural Points on Olfactory Function

Faculty Sponsor: David Hornung, biology.

Richard Torres '09
mathematics major from Brooklyn, NY

The Causes and Effects of Math Anxiety from the Third through Fifth Grades Via A Participatory Action Research Method

Faculty Sponsor: Makiko Deguchi, psychology.

Michael Trembley '09
biochemistry major from Syracuse, NY

What Role Do 14-3-3 Proteins Play in the Binding of Rpd3 to Promoters of yeast DNA?

Faculty Sponsor: Emily Dixon, chemistry.
Marcus Tuttle '10
chemistry and mathematics major from Gouverneur, NY

Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Novel 12 Metallacrown-4 Compounds

Faculty Sponsor: Neil Law, chemistry.

Posted: April 11, 2008

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