Kelly Spooner Zinna '87, a psychologist who has written a book about school violence, returned to Canton to speak to a variety of groups about what can be done to prevent such incidents.

The author of After Columbine: A Schoolplace Violence Prevention Manual and Violence Goes To School, Zinna is a Denver-area resident and participated in the trauma-impact team that counseled the families of children killed and injured in Littleton, Colorado, as well as police officers who were at the scene. She spoke in Canton September 23 to law enforcement personnel, SUNY Canton criminal justice students and school superintendents.

Zinna, a native of nearby Ogdensburg, earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Denver and has had training in criminal profiling and hostage negotiating from the FBI. She recently founded Violence Prevention and Intervention, a firm that specializes in the prevention of workplace and school violence.

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