Eileen Riley Spellman

Eileen Riley Spellman
Eileen Riley Spellman
PCA & English
Clinton, NY

When I was a kid, I started a newspaper with my friend called “Z-Dog Magazine.” It was this little, 4-page newsletter all about dogs. We started it because my friend and I are dog fanatics, so we both knew a lot about dogs. We thought a dog magazine would help other dog owners connect with their pooches. We were inspired by my subscription to Dog Fancy Magazine.

As I got older, my true passion shifted from dogs to journalism (though I’ll always be an animal lover at heart). I loved knowing the news firsthand and sharing it for the public good. Furthermore, the concept of sharing stories in a unique and fun way appealed to me. This translated to me becoming intrigued in other areas of communication: theatre, radio, fiction writing, playwriting, and screenwriting. I found myself irrevocably attached to the idea of public discussion and the sharing of knowledge through an assortment of different mediums. The news could be both educational and entertaining.

My Performance-Communication Arts major at St. Lawrence University opened the door for me.

It opened the door to my comprehension of how to get my voice “out there” and heard.

It opened the door to my comprehension of modern communication styles as well as the history of journalism, a necessary education to have for any journalist.

It opened the door so that I could fulfill my dreams and become someone who is able to do what she loves.

Now, I can say that I’ve written the book for and stage directed my own, original musical, which was staged for an open audience in Spring of 2012. Now, I can say that I write for the Hill News, and have since my first year of college. Now, I can say that I’m a DJ for KSLU, St. Lawrence’s radio station. Now, I can say that I’m the Senior Non-Fiction Editor of the Laurentian Magazine, St. Lawrence’s literary magazine. Now, I can say that I was in an Improv Comedy Troupe for a year. Now, I can say that I’ve been a production intern at Time Warner Cable Sports. Now, I can say that I’ve both acted and directed in one-acts for the Directors’ Showcase. Now, I can say that I’m currently assistant directing the Fall 2012 stage production, I’m interning at North Country Public Radio, I’m working in the Music Library, I’m living in the Annex Performing Arts Theme House (2 years now), and I’m doing everything that I’ve wanted to do.

St. Lawrence opened the door.

E. Riley Spellman ‘13