Gerard Bryant

Gerard Bryant
Gerard Bryant
White Plains, NY

At St. Lawrence I was a four year starter on the football team and Captain. After Graduation, I plan on pursuing a career in professional football and later - after my football career will be over -  I plan on becoming a light designer or having something to do working with theaters back stage or building sets for productions. Then I plan on becoming a gym teacher or motivational speaker to help give back to communities in low- income areas.    
I won numerous awards off the field for football. I’m the house coordinator, event coordinator, and treasure of The Ray Ross Them House on campus- Ray Ross (A house that centers on cultural development and cross-cultural communications) is a cultural Hub: a place where the cultural identities of all St. Lawrence University students are promised an accepting, understanding community. I’m a member of MAASV (Male Athletes against Sexual Violence), BSU (Black Student Union), and MIC (Men in Color). I also participated in intramural sports at SLU-- broomball and basketball—and a member of the HEOP (Higher Education Opportunity   Program). I was attracted to SLU because of football, than I found out how great the education was. SLU also allows you to explore many different options instead of limiting you to one choice which was great for me.