Student Bios

Caroline Carpenter
Majors: Government

I am a Government major. I spent summers in Washington, D.C., working with non-profit the Artists and Athletes Alliance as well as a lobby firm, American Continental Group. This experience helped...

Robert Meacham
Majors: PCA (Theatre/Performance)
Minors: Gender Studies

Hey Everybody!

My passion for Communication Studies is actually a quite new development in my academic career. I spent the first 2 years here at SLU focusing on Economics as I felt it was...

Drew Weaver
Majors: PCA

I am majoring in Performance and Communication Arts focusing on the Rhetoric and Communication side.  I have worked many shows during my four years here working the stage lights, special...

Gerard Bryant
Majors: PCA

At St. Lawrence I was a four year starter on the football team and Captain. After Graduation, I plan on pursuing a career in professional football and later - after my football career will be over...

William E. L. Kahn
Majors: PCA

At SLU I became part of the student run Emergency Medical Response Team in the spring of my freshman year. I also was one of the founding members of the rejuvenated Kappa Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi...

Alic Kelso
Majors: PCA & Government

My name is Alic Kelso and I am a senior at St. Lawrence majoring in Government as well as PCA. I’m from Dallas, Texas but attended Salisbury School in Connecticut before moving to Canton. Prior to...