Student Bios

Majors: PCA
Minors: Global Studies

PCA major, with a rhetoric focus, and a minor in Global Studies. At St. Lawrence you must take a combination of distributions from many different departments, within the PCA department you can...

Majors: PCA & Fine Arts

Here at St. Lawrence I am a Stagecraft and Ceramics Teaching Assistant.  I also stage managed school two main stage productions for the theater department and assistant stage managed another...

Majors: Government

I am a Government major. I spent summers in Washington, D.C., working with non-profit the Artists and Athletes Alliance as well as a lobby firm, American Continental Group. This experience helped...

Majors: PCA (Theatre/Performance)
Minors: English

I love the PCA Department! The classes are stimulating and enriching. The professors are friendly and helpful. There are so many opportunities available with Performance and Communication Studies...

Majors: PCA (Rhetoric/Communications)
Minors: English (Creative Writing)

I am interested in food, marketing and adventures. I have a food blog called Alli Eats. Last summer (2011) I wrote an...

Majors: English (Creative Writing)

I am very passionate about the fields of Communications. I find it so inspiring and motivating that a practice we have been doing and learning since birth is so intrique and often misunderstood as...