SLU Student Philosophy Conference

On April 6 and 7 St. Lawrence students will host an undergraduate philosophy conference that includes talks by students coming from as far west as the University of Buffalo and as far east as St. Michael’s College.
We invite you to join us for any portion of the conference.

The Keynote Address will be given by Professor Paul Forster of the Department of Philosophy, University of Ottawa at 4:30 in Sykes Formal lounge on Friday April 6.  Professor Forster’s topic is:
"Quine on the Misguided Search for Spiritual Comfort in Philosophy"
He will relate responses to W.V.O. Quine’s claim that philosophy is a part of natural science in contrast to ethics and religious thought, which are not.  The ultimate aim of the talk is  provoke “reflection on the power of philosophical pictures to so captivate the mind as to render philosophers incapable of engaging their opponents in genuine debate.”  
We hope to see you there.