Student Bios

Heather Cutler Portrait
Majors: Physics
Minors: Math and History

I'm a physics major with minors in history and math. At St. Lawrence I have had the opportunity to be part of the ...

Steve Goldman
Majors: Physics
Minors: Math

Physics became an interest to me later in my undergraduate career. After spending years in math and chemistry I found my true passion of physics and astronomy. Realizing the vast number of...

Chris Funch
Majors: Physics
Minors: Mathematics

Though physics and math are my respective major and minor I am also focused on environmental studies. As an underclassman, I took advantage of the broad range of classes offered at St. Lawrence....

Dave Cohen
Majors: Physics, 3+2 Engineering Program

I am currently a Junior here at SLU and am in the 3+2 engineering program so I am currently applying to engineering schools for next year. Two summers ago I had the opportunity to intern with an...