Podcast FAQ

Campus Podcasts

What is subscribing to a podcast?

Subscribing to the podcast with either iTunes or another podcatcher means the next episode in the channel will be downloaded automatically or you will be notified when the next episode is available (depending on your podcatcher client).

How do I play an episode?

If you don't want to subscribe to a podcast, you can listen to the episode in your browser (requires flash).

If you have flash installed, you will see a play icon Play button icon adjacent to an episode that can be played. Pressing the icon will cause the episode to play. The icon then turns into a stop button. Pressing it will stop playback.

Leaving the page will also cause playback to stop.

How do I subscribe to a podcast channel?

Well, it depends. The most common way is to right-click on the RSS feed icon RSS Feed Icon and select Copy Link Location (or Copy Shortcut in Internet Explorer). Then paste the feed url in your podcatcher or feed aggregator. In iTunes for example, you select the menu item Advanced >> Subscribe to Podcast. Then paste the link you copied into the box that appears.

If you have a podcatcher and your browser properly configured, single clicking on the feed icon may subscribe and open your podcatchter automatically.

What and where is the feed icon?

If the page you are on has anything that you can subscribe to on it, the feed icon RSS Feed Icon will be on the left under the menus.

All podcast channel pages have a feed icon. You might notice some pages that are not podcast channels also have the feed icon. That is because RSS is also used for subscribing to news, video, and many other types of syndicated content. You do not use a podcatcher for news or text related subscriptions, rather a feed agregator is used. Many browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 now have feed agregators built-in.

What's a podcast?

Syndicated multimedia content that you can subscribe to. Subscribing to a channel means as new episodes are published, you will get them automatically. Want to learn more?