Student Bios

Majors: Psychology and Economics

My First Year Program was The Psychology and Expression of Creativity, taught by Dr. MacGregor. It was this class which sparked my interest in psychology, and was the reason I decided to become a...

Majors: Double major in Psychology and Spanish

My name is Caitlin Sullivan and I was a double psychology and Spanish major, with a minor in education. One of my favorite activities is traveling, and I was able to do this a lot during my...

Majors: Psychology and Environmental Studies

Sensation and perception was my favorite psychology class at SLU. Dr. Searleman's charisma and enthusiasm coupled with a fascinating topic help S&P take the cake here. As a senior, I took...

Majors: Psychology and Spanish
Minors: Sport and Exercise Science

While at St. Lawrence I majored in Psychology and Spanish, and minored in Sport and Exercise Science. I enjoyed a semester abroad in Valparaíso, Chile, where I studied Spanish. I am interested in...

Majors: Psychology and Sociology

In high school, I took an introductory psychology course which sparked my interest so I choose to continue in the field upon entering college. At SLU, I took intro psych with Alan Searleman which...

Majors: Psychology, Francophone Studies

Discovering Psychology at St. Lawrence has been a rewarding experience. I took Introductory Psychology with Dr. Thacher in the fall of my sophomore year to get a Natural Science without lab...