Staff Directory

Employee Contact Info Office Responsibilities
Kevin B. MacKenzie
Associate Registrar
Vilas 117B
Lorie R. MacKenzie
Associate Dean for Academic Administration and University Registrar
Vilas 117a
Vangie Baker
Chief Clerk
Vilas 117
Oversees registration for undergraduates (on-campus, cross-registration, off-campus programs, summerterm).
Produces the semester course schedule.
Maintains database of courses offered.
Assists Registrar in producing semester reports on course scheduling, enrollment, and classroom usage.
Vita Ingram
Principal Clerk
Vilas 117
Oversees grades for undergraduate on-campus courses and cross-registered courses.
Posts transfer credit and AP/IB credit to student records.
Transfer credit requests and evaluations.
Maintains office policies and procedures.
Deborah Richards
Chief Clerk
Vilas 117
~Manages transcript production.
~Undergraduate graduation requirements.
~Academic record maintenance.
~Enrollment/degree verification management.
~In-house label production.
~Office website maintenance.