Seniors...Help us get it right! Declarations and Pronunciations due...the sooner the better!

Yes, even now, we're starting prep for graduation and we need the help of our seniors!  If you have not yet done so, please take a minute to complete your Undergraduate Declaration to Graduate.  This ensures that what YOU think you have on your official record matches what we ACTUALLY have on your record.  Check for things like the correct listing of your majors and minors, and please respond quickly to requests from our office.  No one wants to receive their diploma, and find out that they have a B.S. degree, when they expected a B.A.!

Then there's the issue of how your name is spoken aloud... Wouldn't it be nice to have your family hear your name pronounced correctly at graduation?  Come over to the Registrar's office to record your name, or email us a recording of your name, so that our readers for graduation can practice saying it the right way.  We do our very best, but some names are more difficult than know who you are!