Information for First Year Students

Coordinator/Dept. Chair: Prof. Kathleen Self

Phone: 315.229.5347

Campus Address: 211 Richardson Hall

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Web Site: Religious Studies Department Web Site

REL 100: Mystery and Meaning (HUM) introduces students to the academic study of religion and surveys major themes in one or two selected religious traditions. This course is designed with first-years in mind. All 200-level courses are also open to first-year students without any prerequisites (i.e., you do not need to take REL 100), however they are designed to be rather more difficult. Several of these courses also fulfill the Humanities (HU) or Arts (ARTS) distribution requirement.

The following courses offered this fall are appropriate for first-year students, subject to the availability of seats:

  • REL 100: Mystery and Meaning (HUM,HU)
  • REL 102: Religion and Science (SST,HUM,HU)
  • REL 200: Explaining Religion (HUM,HU)
  • REL 205: Hebrew Bible [Old Testament] (HU, HUM)
  • REL/GS 238: Global Christianities (HUM,HU)
  • REL 336: Religion & Theology-Tolkien (HUM)
  • REL 3009: Saints, Grails and Mystics (HUM)
  • REL 3010: Conspiracy Theory in Religion (HUM, HU, DIV01,DIV13)