Student Bios

Brittany Cuff
Majors: Biology
Minors: Religious Studies

I have never been a religious person and my parents have no religious denomination to which I associate. When I took my first religious studies class my sophomore year, I realized how much I was...

Mia Sloan
Majors: Religious Studies
Minors: French

For myself, and anyone who knows me, a major in Religious Studies is the last thing that would have been expected because I was raised in a household with a very loose religious affiliation....

Julia Sprague
Majors: Religious Studies
Minors: Music

I am a senior Religious Studies major and Music minor. On campus I am involved in many activities. I am a member and officer of the Laurentian Singers as well as a member of the Gospel Choir....

Justin Normand
Majors: Religious Studies

This past fall I was studying at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan.  During the semester I studied Japanese religions and visited numerous temples and shrines in the area.  It was an...

Megan Randall
Majors: Visual Arts (studio)
Minors: Anthropology

I love being a religious studies major. With this major I’ve been able to gain a greater understanding of the world’s religions and the role religion plays in so many aspects of human life. The...

Laura Garry
Majors: Religious Studies & French

I am in my final year here at St. Lawrence this year. Although I was initially clueless regarding the major I would like to pursue while attending St. Lawrence, I was happily attracted to the...