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Motor Vehicle Policy

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Why we have a parking policy
Vehicle Registration
Traffic Regulations
Parking Regulations
Parking Assignments
Visitors and Commuter Students
University-owned Vehicles
Snow Removal
Overnight Parking
Fines and Penalties
Habitual Offenders

A Walking Campus
The central philosophy guiding the University's parking policy is our commitment to a walking campus." All of us - students, faculty, staff and visitors - should be confident of the freedom to walk from place to place without interference from cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. We also believe that a walking campus is more consistent with our commitment to the environment.

Therefore, we have established procedures for registering and parking vehicles on campus to assure the safety of students, faculty, staff and visiting drivers and pedestrians on campus. A parking permit gives us all the information we need to help you use University parking areas safely and conveniently. We also work to maintain emergency access to all buildings and areas on campus. We have chosen not to expend funds on additional parking, so consideration is most important in locating a space that meets your needs.

Your cooperation with the regulations will improve the sense of community we share, as well as reduce traffic and parking violations. Failure to abide by this policy could result in fines, "booting," towing, revocation of parking privileges and/or disciplinary action.

Motor Vehicle Registration

If you own a vehicle, please take a few moments to follow these steps for registration:

If you are a student, you should have received registration information during the summer. Please complete it promptly to receive your registration materials. If you arrive on campus without having completed the forms, you can do so during the academic registration period and throughout the calendar year at the security and safety department located in the Diana B. Torrey, Health and Counseling Center at 76 Park Street. To be parked legally on campus, you must register your vehicle.

Undergraduate students should be prepared to pay an annual non-refundable $80.00 decal fee. All registered vehicles must properly display a St. Lawrence University decal and/or permit and be parked only in designated areas determined by decal/permit status.

Parking permits for faculty and staff are provided free of charge. Additionally, graduate student parking permits are available to faculty and staff free of charge, if they are attending graduate classes.

Individual may be issued only one permit per vehicle they own. Each vehicle may display only one parking permit. Faculty or staff members who share a vehicle may display two different permits, as long as the individual operating the vehicle parks where he or she is permitted. Students may never display more than one permit on their vehicle. Students who are children of employees may share a vehicle with their parent as long as, when they are operating their vehicle, they display their appropriate permit and park accordingly. A faculty/staff permit is also allowed to be displayed simultaneously with a graduate student permit.

If your primary work space or residential room changes, you must notify the security office for a free parking permit replacement. Owners are not permitted to park their vehicle in a new lot until they have been given an appropriate permit for that area. Owners must surrender their old permit to receive a new one within seven calendar days. Beyond this time, the vehicle is subject to ticketing, booting or towing for improper permit.

Registering a vehicle in someone else's name, obtaining or displaying improper decals, and possession of a decal not appropriate to one's primary work space, residential area or University standing are violations of the motor vehicle policy, subject to a "no permit" fine, disciplinary action or the individual being banned from having a vehicle on campus.

All motor vehicle operators must abide by all New York State vehicle and traffic laws (see below). Your vehicle must have a valid state registration, insurance and inspection. If it does not, the University reserves the right to immediately remove it from the campus, at your expense, until state motor vehicle requirements are met.

If you have a guest on campus, please have the guest stop by security and safety to get a free temporary parking permit, which must be displayed properly. Failure to do so may result in a ticket, tow or boot.

Traffic Regulations

You are expected to comply with New York State motor vehicle laws and University traffic regulations when operating a motorized vehicle on campus. Driving on walkways, fire lanes, lawns, or any areas not designated as roadways is prohibited. This includes any brick walkways such as Millennium Way, in front of the Student Center and Dana Dining Hall. Motorcycles are allowed access only on roadways and are prohibited from using walkways, trails, fields and ski trails. Off-road vehicles are not allowed on campus. Fire lane/emergency access use is restricted to emergency vehicles, maintenance vehicles or special use with permission of the department of security and safety.

The maximum speed limit on all University property is 15 miles per hour.

Pedestrians always have the right-of-way.

Vehicle operators must comply with ALL traffic and parking signs, and/or the directions of security officers.

Reckless or endangering operation of any motorized vehicle or bicycle is prohibited. Violators may receive fines and/or disciplinary action. Violators may also have their parking and driving privileges revoked and the case may be remanded to the local police.

Traffic and parking tickets may be issued in person, attached to the vehicle or mailed to the registrant.

Parking Regulations

Authorized parking spaces are designated with painted lines and/or signs.

Vehicles are not permitted to park on sidewalks, or in loading dock access areas or fire lanes. All vehicles must be parked in marked parking spots. Previous allowances to park in other places, such as sidewalks, grassy areas and No Parking zones, are now null and void.

The following should constitute NO PARKING ZONES:
-All campus roads, the inner "walking campus," grassy areas, walkways
-Within 15 feet of any fire hydrant
-Fire lanes (all inner-campus roadways) or fire exits
-All loading, delivery and service areas
-All parking spaces designated as Handicapped Parking, unless permitted with appropriate decals
-All building entrances
-All "No Parking" areas designated by signs, barriers, decal status regulations, or common sense

Visitors will be directed to proper parking areas upon registration at the department of security and safety.

Vehicles with "handicapped" license plates, decals and/or University-issued permits may be parked in Handicapped Parking spaces. Unauthorized vehicles in these spaces are subject to being ticketed/towed at the owner's expense.

Overnight parking is allowed in assigned lots for employees working the night shifts, 1:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m, in student lots for student vehicles and on Lot D for employees who wish to leave their car on campus when traveling.

Parking Assignments and On-Campus Parking Permits

On-campus parking permits do not permit vehicles to be parked on sidewalks or grassy areas or in No Parking zones, fire lanes, Handicapped Parking spots or overnight.

Beginning in August 2004, St. Lawrence University has a parking strategy of assigned parking lots. The policy will be effected in a transition period from August 23 to October 18. During this period, vehicles should park in their assigned lot, but will not be ticketed if they park outside their assigned lot. Vehicles will be ticketed and fines imposed if they are parked illegally (on sidewalks, lawns, in handicapped spaces, in loading dock areas, fire lanes, etc.) Faculty, staff, and students are assigned to parking areas based upon either their residential arrangement (students) or primary work space (faculty and staff). Some individuals will have a single lot assignment if that lot has sufficient space for all possible vehicles from 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. Other individuals may choose from two or three assigned lots, since any one lot will not have sufficient spaces for all possible vehicles 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Lot assignments are enforced for Faculty and Staff from 8 am to 4 pm on week days.
Resident student lot assignments will be enforced from 1 am to 6 pm.
The 1 am to 6 am window for student vehicles is to allow for snow plowing since few students will be rising before 6 am to move their cars!

Parking unsafely, in no-parking areas, on grass & walkways, on the inner campus, and taking more than one space will be enforced 24/7.

All vehicles must be in their assigned lot or lots daily 1 a.m. to 6 p.m. or Lot D.

These regulations are in effect 24 hours per day, seven days per week, unless otherwise specified by signage or in this Motor Vehicle Policy. Lot D, south of the Augsbury/Newell Complex, is overflow and overnight parking, permitted for all designations. Below is a listing of lot designations for each category.

Building Classification Lots
21 Romoda Drive Faculty/Staff H I T
62 Park Street Faculty/Staff F
82, 84 Park Street Faculty/Staff F
7 University Avenue Faculty/Staff G R
Alumni House Faculty/Staff G R
Appleton Arena Faculty/Staff D
Atwood Hall Faculty/Staff G R
Augsbury (back area) Faculty/Staff D
Augsbury (front area) Faculty/Staff E K J
Bewkes & Brown Hall Faculty/Staff C J
Brewer Bookstore Faculty/Staff O
Johnson Hall of Science Faculty/Staff E,K,J
Carnegie Hall Faculty/Staff F
Central Warehouse Faculty/Staff P
Facilities Operations Bldg. Faculty/Staff P
Flint Hall Faculty/Staff C J
Gunnison Chapel Faculty/Staff H I T
Torrey Health & Counseling Center Faculty/Staff F
Hepburn Hall Faculty/Staff F
Hulett/Jencks Commons Faculty/Staff A I T
Madill Hall Faculty/Staff C J
Memorial Hall Faculty/Staff E K J
Newell Fieldhouse Faculty/Staff D
Noble Center Faculty/Staff H I T
ODY Library Faculty/Staff F
Off-Campus Buildings* Faculty/Staff H I T
Piskor Hall Faculty/Staff E K J
Priest Hall Faculty/Staff F
Reiff Hall Faculty/Staff F
Richardson Hall Faculty/Staff H I T
Sykes Residence Faculty/Staff F
Valentine Hall Faculty/Staff C J
Vilas Hall Faculty/Staff H I T
Whitman Annex Faculty/Staff B
Whitman Hall Faculty/Staff B
Graduate Students Graduate Student R H
Dana Dining Hall Staff Full Time E K J
Northstar Cafe Staff Full Time B
Payson Hall Staff Full Time E K J
Student Center Staff All B
Dana Dining Hall Staff Part Time J
Northstar Cafe Staff Part Time B
Payson Hall Staff Part Time J
1 Lincoln Street Student F
1 University Avenue Student L S
3 University Avenue Student L S
5 University Avenue Student L S
13 University Avenue Student MN
17 College Street Student M N
25 College Street Student MN
48 Park Street Student L S
50 Park Street Student L S
52 Park Street Student L S
53 Park Street Student L S
54 Park Street Student L S
58 Park Street Student F
62 Park Street Student F
70 Park Street Student F
72 Park Street Student F
78 Park Street Student F
Abroad Students Student D H
Dean-Eaton Hall & Extension Student B
Gaines Hall Student A I T
Hulett Hall Student A I T
Jencks Hall Student A I T
Kirk Douglas Hall Student HIT (limited) B
Lee Hall Student C J
Off-Campus Sororities Student D H
Off-Campus Students Student D H
Priest Hall Student F
Rebert Hall Student J D
Reiff Hall Student F
Sykes Residence Student F
Townhouses Student C J
Whitman Hall Student


The new parking designations are designed to make better use of the current parking spaces on campus. This strategy is also designed to promote the walking campus and to be more convenient for all users.

Students who do not use their vehicles frequently are asked, and may be requested by security, to park their vehicles in Lot D, in order to assist with the parking in other lots.

On-street parking is also available on Hillside Road, Jay Street, Elm Street, Maple Street, Miner Street and Mechanic Street. Please make a note of these areas nearest to your parking area.

Everyone must park in a legal parking space, in his or her designated area, as outlined by these regulations.

Misuse of SLU decals/permits will result in fines, disciplinary action or vehicle being banned from campus.

Visitors and/or Commuter Students

Visitors should be directed to Lots J, D and H.

Commuter students should be directed to Lots D, H and J, graduate students will be assigned to Lots R and H.

University-Owned Vehicles

University-owned fleet vehicles are not permitted to park in lots other than their assigned parking lots on the south end of campus, primarily lots C, D and J or the Facilities Fleet Area. All campus parking regulations, including zoning, are enforced on University vehicles.

Overnight Parking

Overnight parking is permitted only for student vehicles in their assigned lots. Student vehicles left overnight in places other than their assigned lots will be ticketed. During periods of University holidays (e.g. Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break), students who leave their cars on campus must use Lot D, south of the Augsbury/Newell Complex. The same applies to University employees who wish to leave a car on campus while traveling on University business. Leaving your car in any other parking lot will result in its being towed to Lot D at your expense.

Snow Removal

If the weather requires sanding, shoveling and plowing of campus roads and your car is illegally parked, you will incur fines and/or penalties and we reserve the right to tow your vehicle at your expense.


Accidents occurring on campus must be reported to the department of security and safety immediately. Accidents involving personal injury or more than $1,000 in property damage must also be reported to the Canton Police Department.

Fines and Penalties

All fines are paid at Student Financial Services, third floor of the Student Center. Boot removal fees may be paid at the security and safety office, 76 Park Street: Diana B. Torrey '82 Health and Counseling Center ; payment is required before vehicle is released.

Violations and corresponding fines are:

$25.00 Parking in lot other than one assigned by permit;

$25.00 - Improper parking (loading docks, dumpsters, crosswalks, wrong side of street, interfering with traffic flow); Parking on grass, plus damages if applicable.

$50.00 - Parking in a Handicapped Parking zone without proper permit; No permit (e.g., failure to register vehicle and/or display permit, possession of wrong permit); Boot removal; Moving violation (e.g., speeding, failure to yield or stop); Unauthorized entry to the inner campus. Parking in a fire lane.

$100.00 - Tow

$100.00 - Reckless operation of a motor vehicle

Towing/Booting/Impounding of Vehicles

The Department of Safety and Security has the authority to remove your car from University property and/or boot a car parking on University property that is in violation of any SLU traffic/parking regulations.
We reserve the right to enter any vehicle on campus for life safety reasons.
If we have to tow or boot your car, you will be responsible for all expenses, associated fines, fees and/or storage costs.
If tow service is in the process of vehicle removal, you will be responsible for the expense.
You must pay all boot fines within three days and before the vehicle is retrieved. Failure to do so will result in the vehicle being removed from campus and/or moved to an impound area at a cost to you of $10.00 per day. A vehicle may be removed from impound when authorized by a security and safety staff member.

St. Lawrence University is not responsible for any damages to vehicles due to towing, booting, vandalism, theft or natural causes.

Habitual Offenders

Anyone with four or more violations may be considered a habitual offender. Repeated violations could constitute grounds for banning your vehicle from University property for the duration of the academic year. Habitual offenders will be notified to meet with the department of security and safety. Parking privileges will remain suspended until those offenders demonstrate a willingness to comply with the campus parking and traffic regulations.
Any vehicle banned from University property and found on campus will be towed off campus or to an impound area at your expense.
Failure to comply with this policy may result in further disciplinary action.


You may appeal a ticket within 10 business days of the date the ticket was issued. An appeal form is available at the department of security and safety. An electronic form is also available on the security Web site. All appeals must be typed.

The Parking Ticket Appeals Committee, and/or in rare cases a supervisor of security and safety, will hear the appeal and make the decision. All decisions of the committee are final.

Lack of a convenient space is not a valid excuse for illegal parking. Overflow parking is available in Lot D and on local side streets.

Other defenses that are not accepted for appeals include: "I was not familiar with/forgot the parking regulations," "I'm sorry and I won't do it again," "I parked where I saw others parking," "Someone else used my car/I used someone else's car," "I only parked illegally for a short time," "I didn't notice the sign," "My meeting/appointment took longer than I expected," "My assigned lot was full."

Note: Codes reflect parking lot names. Thus AIT indicates registration for lots A, I and T, and EKJ means registration for Lots E, K and J.

Lot Location/Designation
A East of Hulett/Jencks: Student, faculty staff, handicapped
(permits: Fac/Staff AIT, Student AIT)
B Jencks South, East of Whitman, Rebert, Lee: Student, faculty, staff, handicapped
(permits: Fac/Staff B, Student B, Temp/Part Time B)
C South of Lee Hall: Student, faculty, staff, handicapped
(permits: Fac/Staff CJ, Student CJ)
D South of Augsbury, Newell, Appleton: Newell Fitness member, faculty, staff, student, Handicapped, commuter/off-campus student. Overnight parking permitted in Lot D
(permits: Fac/Staff D, Student DH, all other permits valid here)
E Park Street, West of Admissions: Faculty, staff, handicapped, admissions visitor, Open Parking Daily 6:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.
(permits: Fac/Staff EKJ - daily 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.; Admissions guest)
F West of 62-80 Park St., North of 1-3 Maple St.: Student, Faculty, Staff
(permits: Fac/Staff F, Student F)
G 7 University (English): Faculty, Staff only.
(permits: Fac/Staff GR)
H University Center, Vilas, Griffiths: Faculty, staff, handicapped, visitor, commuter/off-campus student.
(permits: Fac/Staff HIT, Student DH, Graduate Student RH)
I Gaines: Student, faculty, staff
(permits: Fac/Staff AIT, Fac/Staff HIT, Student AIT)
J South of Science Complex: Student, faculty, staff, handicapped
(permits: Fac/Staff CJ, Student CJ, Temp/Part Time J)
K Northeast of Leithead Field House: Faculty/Staff only - Monday 6:00 a.m. to Saturday 1:00 a.m.
(permits: Fac/Staff EKJ)
L Between 53 Park Street and 1 University Avenue: Student
(permits: Student LS)
M North of 13 College Street: Student
(permits: Student MN)
N North of 25 College Street: Student
(permits: Student MN)
O Brewer Bookstore: Customers Only while in the Bookstore during Bookstore hours.
(permits: Fac/Staff O [back area only] all permitted in customer area)
P Facilities Operations: Faculty, staff, visitors
(permits: Fac/Staff P)
R Brush Alumni House: Faculty, staff, Alumni House visitor, graduate student
(permits: Fac/Staff GR, Graduate Student RH)
S 54 Park Street: Student
(permits: Student LS)
T 21 Romoda Drive: Faculty, Staff, Student
(permits: Fac/Staff HIT, Fac/Staff AIT, Student AIT)

Overnight is considered 1:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m.
All regulations and designations are enforced 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register my vehicle with security every year?
*Yes, many people change vehicles and this affords us the opportunity to assure accurate information in the event of an emergency.
Parking permits are non-transferable. If you change vehicles, you must obtain a new parking permit. Additionally, if your residence or office location changes, you must notify security in order to have a new parking permit issued.

If I live off campus do I need to register my car?
*Yes, parking spaces are reserved for faculty, staff, students and guests with appropriate permits no matter if residing on or off campus.
Commuter students and those living in off-campus sororities will be assigned to park in Lots D and H.

Do my guests need to register their vehicles when on campus?
*Yes, a free temporary permit can be obtained from the security and safety office.

May I drive on campus?
*Our campus is a "walking campus;" however, should a need arise you will have to receive authorization from a security and safety staff member. Overnight parking on the inner campus is not permitted.

Where do I park when my assigned lot or lots are full?
*Parking is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. If your assigned lot is full, then you need to check another for an appropriate space, based upon your permit classification. If no parking is available, overflow parking for all permit classes is permitted in Lot D, behind the Augsbury/Newell Complex.

After dark, how can I get an escort to/from the parking lot?
*Call the security and safety office and an escort will be provided for you. You may also use any emergency phone in the parking lots to have an escort meet you at your vehicle.

It is your responsibility to assure that you are parked in an appropriate space designated by your decal, signs and the Motor Vehicle Policy.
For more information or assistance, helpful telephone numbers include:

Security and Safety 315/229-5554
General Information 315/229-5757
Admissions 315/229-5261
Appleton Arena 315/229-5696
Athletics 315/229-5421
Brewer Bookstore 315/229-5460
Conference Services 315/229-5232
University Communications 315/229-5585

Updated: January 2016