Billing & Payment Info

Undergraduate Billing

Bills for the fall semester will be available on-line in early July. The payment due date is August 10th. The fall bill will reflect financial aid awarded to those students who have applied for financial aid and have submitted all required documents. (Bills for the spring semester will be available on-line in early December, and January 10th is the due date for payment.) The initial fall and spring semester bills will also be mailed to students at their home addresses. All other bills will be presented electronically, and will only be mailed to the student at their home address for those who have opted in to receive paper bills.

The following is a tentative billing statement schedule for the 2012-2013 academic year:

Month Billing Statement Date Payment Due Date
July 2012 7/9/12 8/10/12
August 2012 8/15/12 9/10/12
September 2012 9/17/12 10/10/12
October 2012 10/22/12 11/30/12
November 2012 None N/A
December 2012 12/10/12 1/10/13
January 2013 1/16/13 2/10/13
February 2013 2/14/13 3/10/13
March 2013 3/13/13 4/10/13
April 2013 4/15/13 5/10/13
May 2013 None N/A
June 2013 6/10/13 6/30/13

An example of a bill is available for viewing and it provides detailed instructions on the data and format layout for a St. Lawrence University bill.

Payment Information

Tuition and fee payments may be made by cash or check. Payments may also be made online or electronic check.

The University also offers a monthly payment plan administered by Tuition Management Systems which allows payments for undergraduate tuition and fees pertaining to the regular academic year to be made over a period of time up to one year. The plan, which offers flexibility in both the timing and method of payment, carries no finance charges, but does require an enrollment fee of $60.00.

Click here for Education Loan Information.

Graduate Billing

Students are billed mid month for courses in which they have registered for during the last 30 days. Payment to the University is due upon receipt of the billing statement. Interest of 1% per month will be assessed on all balances past due by 30 days or more.