The Sustainability Semester is designed to give the next generation of thinkers and leaders the tools to tackle the globally important challenges of sustainability.

During the Sustainability Semester, students delve into complex and challenging environmental issues through intensive study and hands-on experience.

St. Lawrence’s Sustainability Semester is an off-campus living-learning program that encourages students to consider sustainability from both a local and a global perspective. Sustainability is a way of life that allows us to live well without degrading the ecological, social and economic systems on which future generations will rely. Students will leave the program ready to engage with the most serious challenges facing their communities and the world. They will be prepared to create sustainable solutions by employing both theoretical and practical knowledge from a range of academic disciplines and cultures. In addition, they will have a unique skill set that will allow them to contribute to and build communities as engaged, responsible and ethically reflective citizens.

The inaugural semester was held in Spring of 2013.