Caeleigh Warburton

Caeleigh Warburton
Outdoor Studies

New Hampshire native Caeleigh Warburton is an enthusiastic mandolinist with a knack for the unicycle. Growing up among the White Mountains, she has developed a love of hiking and all things natural. This passion has led her to the yurts of Arcadia for the Adirondack Semester and now here, to our Sustainability Semester farmhouse. Caeleigh never fails to amaze her housemates with an endless knowledge of knitting, from which she crafts a continual stream of cozy hats and sweater vests. She loves cats, likes dogs, and thoroughly enjoys anything tie-dyed. Caeleigh is a loyal member of Knitting Club and the co-founder of Food Justice. By living on a farm, Caeleigh hopes to become more involved in the local community while mastering the ins and outs of sustainable living.