Student Bios

Lizzy Gendell

Academic Interests: Sociology and Environmental Studies

Though often quiet and thoughtful, Lizzy brings warmth to any gathering with her amiable curiosity and kind...

Jamie Oriol
Majors: Environmental Studies and Government

Jamie Oriol, looks forward to taking a more active role in producing her own food over the course of the Sustainability Semester.  As a passionate runner and field hockey player, Jamie always...

Myles Trainer
Majors: English

Having spent his high school years in ski academy, Myles is an admirer of the outdoors, often biking, hiking, and getting outside every chance he can.  A very talented young man, not only has...

Lanika Sanders
Majors: Enviromental Studies-English

Avid hiker, cyclist, and outdoorswoman, Lankia Sanders enjoys nature year round.  Her quietness may be deceptive, but once that shell is cracked it is easy to see who she truly is. ...

Margaret MacDonald
Majors: Enviromental Studies-English

A resident of the Sustainability Semester House in the fall (when it was simply a theme house) Margaret has returned to take on living in the same house, but experience something completely...

David Smith
Majors: Environmental Studies - Geology combined

Even though David grew up just a town over from the Sustainability House, he is known all around the United States for being a fighter in the environmental movement.  When he isn't...