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CIRP Freshman Survey

Survey Date: 
Fall 1971,1974, 1978,1982, 1985, and annually since 1987
Population Surveyed: 
Incoming First-Year students, during Orientation
Instrument Type: 
National - Higher Education Research Institute, University of California, Los Angeles

The survey instrument was developed by Alexander Astin in the late 1960s. CIRP is the oldest and largest study of higher education and has formed the foundation for understanding the impact of college on students. The CIRP Freshman Survey covers a wide range of student characteristics including sociodemographic information, activities engaged in during the last year of high school, future educational and career plans, values, attitudes, beliefs and self-concepts. In addition, St. Lawrence has been adding several supplemental questions to the survey, including a set of questions related to off-campus study plans and use of information technology.

For more information about CIRP, visit the HERI website.