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Core Commitments Grant

Core Commitments at St. Lawrence
Educating Students for
Personal and Social Responsibility

Excerpts From Our Press Release on February 12, 2007:

"St. Lawrence University is one of 18 institutions chosen by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) to participate in its Core Commitments Leadership Consortium. The schools will lead the first phase of a national initiative, Core Commitments: Educating Students for Personal and Social Responsibility, which seeks to deepen students' sense of integrity, ethical obligations to self and to others, and responsibilities as citizens in a diverse democracy and interdependent world. St. Lawrence will match a $25,000 AAC&U grant award to develop the program over the next two years."

The Core Commitment's initiative focuses specifically on these five dimensions of personal and social responsibility:

      • Dimension I: Striving for Excellence
      • Dimension II: Cultivating Personal and Academic Integrity
      • Dimension III: Contibuting to a Larger Community
      • Dimension IV: Taking Seriously the Perspectives of Others
      • Dimension V: Developing Competence in Ethical and Moral Reasoning

For further information about the national initiative, visit the AAC&U Core Commitments web site.

Project Overview

Reading and Discussion Groups

  • Faculty/staff Reading Group (Fall 2007)
  • The Weave - an online news analysis project initiated by Dr. John Collins and students in the Global Studies department and featuring responses to a series of "big questions"

Deliberative Dialogues

What Are Deliberative Dialogues?

Critical Conversations and Deliberative Dialgues at SLU

The Personal and Social Responsibility Inventory (Nov. 2007)

Presentations at the Annual Core Commitments Institute

  • Poster - Portland Summer Institute, July 2008