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HERI Faculty Survey

Survey Date: 
Winter of 1998/99, 2001/02, 2003/04, 2007/08, Spring 2011, Spring 2014, Spring 2017
Population Surveyed: 
Instrument Type: 
National - Higher Education Research Institute, University of California, Los Angeles

The Faculty survey is conducted by HERI on a tri-annual cylce; the first administration began in 1989-90.

For more information about the HERI Faculty survey, visit the HERI website.

In several years, our SLU Faculty Council also developed a set of supplemental questions which were added to the survey instrument.

The links (restricted access where indicated with key) provide a brief overview of findings from our survey administration, a longitudinal data summary, and the original survey items.

The data summary has been broken out thematically into 8 sections. Please use the bookmarks tab on the left to move between sections:

  • Workload, Compensation, Job Satisfaction
  • Tenure, Promotion, Recognition
  • Campus Climate
  • Scholarship, Pedagogy
  • Mission and Educational Goals
  • Opinions, Personal Goals
  • Information Technology
  • Demographics

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